• Camping Surprise: An original story


    Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:13:35 +0100
    From: fjaed abuda 
    Subject: Camping Surprise (Gay Male)
     Palm trees swept loudly in the wind as the
     moonlight shone dimly over the
    rough wild lawn. The fire crackled irregularly 
    complementing the gentle
    sparkle of the thousands of stars in the sky. 
    Mark and Fred knew that
    they'd need to talk at some point, but were 
    both aware that it wasn't the
    right time. The last time they'd been camping
    together was a few years ago
    and it brought back memories of the laughter 
    shared by the group of young
    teenagers. The soft warm air amplified their
     appreciative breaths after the
    exhausting day on the road.
    Mark decided that it was too hot to keep his 
    thick hiking clothes on and
    began to strip. Fred came to the same conclusion
     and they both undressed
    into their boxers and allowed the cool breeze to 
    refresh their aching
    bodies. Normally Mark would have undoubtedly made a snide remark, which
    would have been all but pleasant in the frame of mind they were both in. 
    Mark was already confused enough that Fred had revealed that he was gay
    after all the years the two had spent chasing and screwing different
    girls. He'd even made the assumption that Fred was a tad homophobic after
    his bitching when they went skinny dipping the previous summer and Mark had
    popped a slight erection in the water. At the time, Mark had said that he
    couldn't help but be slightly aroused by the warm water surrounding his
    naked body, but he knew all too well that this wasn't the case -- it was
    the first sight of Freddie's thick black pubes and the slight glimpse of
    his cock for the first time. He'd tried hard to fight off his feelings of
    curiosity, but found himself overwhelmed and thought it was just his
    hormones as a teenager, causing him to think sexually in any situation.
    Mark was intrigued by the male form, and scared of the fact. He wanted to
    be with a girl and have kids when he was older, not be one of the stupid
    gays with their effeminate mannerisms. He'd made a conscious choice to
    follow his feelings towards girls, but was having second thoughts after his
    friend only came out to him earlier in the day. All these thought rushed
    through his head one by one and he couldn't help but find his eyes pointed
    towards Fred's toned abdomen and the defined V-shape pointing down towards
    Mark turned his head quickly, what was he thinking?
    He then noticed the slow rising of his briefs above his thighs as his own
    penis began to grow. He jumped up anxiously and walked to get more firewood
    without saying a word.
    All the while, Fred was looking at the sky and 
    only realized when Mark walked away. Must have been
     acting strange about earlier, he thought, still a 
    little shaken up by Mark's seemingly unaccepting
     reaction earlier on.  Mark made sure he was out of 
    sight of Fred before he crouched against a tree and 
    couldn't help but wonder
    if Fred had ever felt the same arousal towards him as
    he had. Presumably, he'd have ruled it out as an option
     due to him being straight and just ignored the tempta-
    tion.  But then Mark remembered how Fred had commented
     a few times about his good looks, just being a good
     mate he'd thought, but was now recognizing that perhaps
     he was attracted to him.
    Mark felt a sudden surge of anger that Fred had taken 
    him for granted all
    these years and raced back towards the fire and pushed Fred towards the
    ground as he sat. Mark looked at his friend lying on the floor. Fred had an
    expression of astonishment and fear as Mark bunched his fist and held it
    ready behind his shoulder. Not a word was said even then as Mark
    contemplated releasing his anger and following through.
    Then, as Mark was kneeling above Fred, with his legs either side of his
    body and his hand pressed into Fred's shoulder, he noticed his uneven dark
    hair and protruding cheekbones. He then had an impulse of a different kind
    and leant his face in to Fred and kissed him hard. He restrained his head
    and pulled back, his gaze remaining on Fred. What the fuck, rattled in
    Mark's brain as he knelt. 
     Fred's face was predominantly shocked, but at the same time Mark could see
    excitement in his eyes. Mark unwillingly leant in again and shoved his
    tongue in Fred's welcoming mouth. It was beyond control now, Mark couldn't
    help himself -- it just felt so right.
     Before Mark knew it, Fred had forcefully rolled him over, and lay above him
    as the strong kiss sustained itself somehow, both of their eyes shut at the
    same time. Their tongues were knotted together, entangled and exploring
    each other's salivating mouths. Fred embraced Mark tightly, with one arm
    around his muscled back and the other clutching his wiry blond hair. After
    a few seconds he moved his mouth down to Mark's neck, and sucked strongly.
    Mark's head tilted back in ecstasy.
    This wasn't Fred's first gay experience, but he was a hell lot more turned
    on this time for sure. He'd been longing to touch Mark for years. Fred
    continued his way down Mark's body, firmly licking across his chest,
    tasting the sweet remnants of sweat and the rough texture of his stubbly
    fur. He couldn't wait any longer -- he readjusted and tugged down Mark's
    briefs, exposing his thick, fully hard dick, which bounced up alert and
    craving attention. He descended his mouth onto it in an instant, tongue at
    the ready. It slid naturally between his lips and reached deep-throat
    straight away, filling Fred with the most satisfying mouthful. He grabbed
    Mark's strong ass and wide upper thigh as he religiously moved his head
    back and forth against his stomach, feeling his penis pulsate gently
    against the bridge of his mouth.
    Mark knew immediately that he had no regrets. He desired Fred's cock more
    than anything now and swung his body round excitedly, whispering for Fred
    to carry on sucking between gasps of enjoyment. He tenderly encapsulated
    Fred's smooth, uncut penis in his mouth and longingly embraced the salty
    feel on his tongue. It was long and beautiful and demanded the respect that
    Mark was now willing to give. He licked up and down its sides and
    progressed to Fred's tight, finely separated bollocks. Whirling them around
    his mouth and slowly masturbating Fred, he groaned with happiness as he
    felt himself getting closer to coming.
    The feeling was mutual -- Fred was approaching an orgasm as he continued
    what he'd started. There was no way he'd stop until he'd given Mark what
    he'd always wanted to. The boys' bodies rocked against each other sensually
    as the ever increasing, awakening feeling of pleasure surged through them.
    They worked on each other harder and harder, they were connected now. All
    that could be heard were low grunts, becoming more and more frequent.
    They came simultaneously, vibrating through each other -- it was electric.
    The sensitivity welled up between them and they burst into each other's
    mouths. Gullets open, swallowing the hot juice being expelled; they were
    both intent on fulfilling the duty they had pledged.
    Mark and Fred lay in the same 69 position for a good few seconds more,
    their breathing slowing as it caught up with them what they'd just done.
    Fred then spun round to face Mark and they kissed strongly once again,
    unable to stop, their legs entangling. It had been heaven, and neither of
    them wanted it to end.


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