• CMNM is a not only about men liking men: It's a male bonding ritual

    CMNM is a not only about men liking men: It's a male bonding ritual
    Loving to be with guys who are naked (or being naked with guys who aren't).... that's the core of what CMNM (clothed male / naked male) situations are all about.

    Some (of us) are really in to it.. and seek out such situations whenever possible - of course, it's a gay thing for many of us.

    By the way, it is NOT ONLY about homosexual attraction. I could go on and on... but men need (and enjoy) using nudity between themselves and in groups of men (like sports teams, fraternity, army/military, clics and groups of buddies, while in temporary all male situations, such as camping, scouting, etc) and have done it since the beginning of societies... (I'm not talking physical desire or lust between men) to express friendship, belonging to a group, male affection and camaraderie, and dependence/interdependence, control/authority, loyal, leadership, bravura/machismo, and platonic or brotherly love.

    I think almost every guy has some times (or even a lot) when he wants to see them naked or be seen naked by his buddies. It's part of identifying with being a man. We've had this discussion in bits and pieces many times on this forum before.  When you absolutely 'need' to be naked or be the clothed guy around naked ones (for various reasons - different for every person) then you are said to be into CMNM or have it as a fetish (if you need it to get off).

    I've gone forward (evolved?) in exploring CMNM in myself, and also socially. I have set up many online CMNM groups, and have been trying to organize off-line real CMNM events, meet-ups, parties, etc.

    I have a regular blog devoted to the subject: Guys Into CMNM at:

    and on Facebook Page: Guys Into CMNM page at:

    For those who might in Hawaii this Xmas/New Year's, we are organizing the Hawaii CMNM Festa on Xmas weekend (Dec 25-2 in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu (Oahu), Hawaii.

    Find out more at in my JUB blog posts  or at the CMNM Festa Invitation page on Eventbrite.

    http://www.justusboys.com/forum/blogs/49298-sunbuns99 (for on-going updates on the CMNN Festa events as they develop)

    If there's enough participation (well in advance), we'll be hiring stripper, and clothed/costumed performers for parties / CMNM role-playing at a private residence. Some events are public or low cost, others required advance booking.

    You can also keep up with updates on the CMNM Twitter:
    or read updates as they are posted/re-posted and tweeted at:

    On JustUsBoys, you can join our CMNM group there:

    Hope you can 'show' up! (ha ha), but some day there may be a CMNM Festa Event near you. )

    Kelly, organizer -- You can also read about this and more CMNM posts in my JUB blog or visit:
    Guys Into CMNM

    The spirit is willing but the flash is weak-- day and night. http://sunbuns.blogspot.com

    NOTE: It appears I was just deleted from facist facebook (FB) for doing what I don't know. I was just attempting to encourage another friend who had been deleted just a little while ago. Fortunately, there are several other people who can take over for me in the various CMNM groups, pages, and application in Face(ist)Book.

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