• Do I ever piss in a place besides the toilet?

     There is a discussion going on in the Dudesnude 'Hot Chat' Forum about this topic. It's not like I am really into watersports (urinating or pissing on myself or other guys) although I realize a quite a few gay and straight men are, and a lot of women, too. However, the bodily functions of urination and defecation are part of the process of living, so they generally are a habitual concern (or should I say - matter of ritual) for everyone on the planet.

    So, the specific question, Do I ever piss in a place besides the toilet?, has connotations that are actually much bigger and wider than the guy who asked had thought about. So it made be think about a lot of another ideas connected with the toilet.


    More in-depth questions related to pissing habits and its relation to sex:

    • Do I ever piss in the shower - especially one that is not in my own home?
    • Have I been seen or caught pissing somewhere that it's not acceptable?
    • Do I ever piss when others are around me? When, where and why?
    • What do I piss into usually? But when and what do I piss in something other than a urinal? 
    • What kind of things or places have pissed and onto?
    • Are the acts of pissing and shitting sensual or sexual or just devoid of any pleasureable feeling at all?
    • Can they be social acts or cooperative / communal behaviors?
    • Have you made up any 'pissing' games? Or do you (and your friends or partners) have any special pissing rituals?
    • Why is piss both feared and revered? Loved and despised?
    • Is piss good for you? Mathama Gandhi is said to have drunk a glass of his own piss every day for health reasons.
    • Any more questions that I can think of as I go.....

    At this point, I'll leave out the shitty part -- meaning I'm not going to discuss shit and defecation in this blog post - it make come out later (shit-eating grin).

    Main question: Do I ever piss in the shower? Have I been seen or caught pissing somewhere that it's not acceptable?

    My Answer: Actually, I usually take a piss in any shower that I use. At home, at the gym, at the pool, hotel or campsite. Let me explore a longer answer, and try to explain.I guess it's the sound of running water that makes me want to urinate. If it's a communal shower (they seem to be fewer and fewer these days), then I tried to piss within the main shower stream so that guys would notice. In public baths and hot springs resorts, people are often seated when they both wash up and shampoo their hair AND when they are showering. They clean themselves thoroughly before getting into the bath tub or hot mineral water spa pool. So it's easier to conceal your pissing when you're seated; although I actually find it a bit harder to piss than when standing up.



    I've never pissed it directly on a person.. though now that you mention the idea, I realize it could be a lot of fun - especially if he likes it or another buddy or bystander in the shower gets a kick out of seeing that. To be honest, I have to say that I have pissed in a sink before, and often do so in my own office (there's not toilet just a small sink). Why? I guess I wait to long before going to take a piss sometimes.

    In countries (like where I am now), the 'toilet' in public restrooms (sometimes that serve for both males and females). Many have two sections: the first compartment is only large enough for a sink/mirror, and the inner one is where the commode is. Asian people are smaller and less particular about shared use of a toilet - unlike North America where there is a strict separation of the genders for toilet purposes. Anyway, when you enter the first space (dying to pee), there may be someone in the inner door (pissing or taking a dump) and you'll have to wait - unless, of course, you piss in the sink. So yep, I am guilty of doing that. I always run the water so the person inside can't hear me spraying the sink with a stream of piss, and I always 'flush' the sink out with water so that's there no yellow piss remaining.


    I'd be easily identified if I were to leave a sink full of piss for the next person who enters the restroom. So I have never been tempted to try that prank.Anyone else have stories to tell about pissing in public or in a communal shower or communal restroom?
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