• Freeballing as Fashion, Lifestyle and Fetish

    Freeballing as Fashion, Lifestyle and Fetish

    Getting Freeballing and Flashing Confused?

    Something that is super cool for me is freeballing AND some peekboo flashing at the same time. One thing about thie Freeballing.com site/group is that I don't think we are ever going to resolve the controversy/confusion about what is just plain freeballing and what is flashing/exposing/exhibitionism.. but it's not really necessary to make that divide clear.. we should be celebrating what makes us more alike than different. There is something very hot about guys in boards shorts, especially those without shirts and who are clearly freeballing. When they are confident, proud of their bodies -- not afraid to show of their assets -- they are at the most masculine. I don't think you'd need to be gay to find such guys attractive -- at least you'd want to hang out with cool guys like that.
    Freeballing as Fetish
    Is freeballing for me a type of more or less 'innocent' flashing -- like the way a woman might show cleavage or wear a mini-skirt and high heels?
    I have my own way to freeball and enjoy a bit of peekaboo flashing. My cargo pants and a pair of shorts have a short belt with clip buckle across the front that can be adjusted so I can control how much they sag without falling off. So if I'm in a flashing mode or the mood hits me, then I can unzip a bit and get ready for those who having probing eyes.
    Peekaboo Flashing as a fashion statement or fetish?
    I mean most people are never going to see anything -- so I am NOT flashing them against their will [I don't get off on doing that - -although I do not take offense when someone does it to me ]. Most peoples' eyes just don't follow a guy's crotch line UNLESS they are interested. It's when I notice their interest that I can act accordingly.. I can simply pull up my shirt a bit and give an interested observer (as you probably guess having guy's watch is more of a turn on for me) an half-inch or maybe more of peekaboo skin. If they really show interest, then they can get a real eyeful just by my stretching way up and turning around and bending over -- half a crack is exposed. In this form of stealth exhibitionism, I can be careful about who gets to see without offending anyone. Yet, I can please those whose eyes have sought out my crotch (or butt) so that they can actually find what they want to see.

    Well, I am not showing this much cock normally -- just making it very obvious
    for the viewers on this blog. ->
    Walking the dog is where I do most of my freeball showing off. Most mornings I head out the door at 7:00am with my pet on a leash in these see-thru sports shorts. It seems that very few people even actually notice, but once in a while somebody takes a second look. The view is subtle enough that you can't really be sure of what you're seeing except in the right light and then it may take a second look to confirm that they really did see what they thought they say, but that time I'm walking further down the street. So far I've not had anybody chase after me to double check. It's a great feeling freeballing and then having a bit of thrill from the possibilitiy of being seen adds the excitement. I know not every freeballer is doing so to be seen but I can't imagine that guys who wear no underwear can be totally oblivous to the fact that other people will notice the bounce of flesh of their pants.
    I know flashing is something more than freeballing and not everyone who visits and participates in this site and in freeballing may personally approve or ever consider it, but accept the fact that some people freeball because it is only one layer away from liberating nudity -- that doesn't mean real exhibitionism -- like jacking off or abusing someone's innocence. Actually I don't have the guts (or should I saw balls) to really flash an 'innocent' person and I wouldn't want to anyway -- although I do go to nude beaches and there are other places to look at nude and semi-nude people and be seen - -lockerrooms, changing in and out of uniforms or at recreation areas. But it turns me on sometimes and gives me a real high -- when I am freeballing to be 'barely dressed' - almost naked under my clothes -- so the loose fit, sagging pants and open fly give me that feeling. If I were ever to encounter somebody who showed interest, then I might be able to pull up my shirt a bit and give 'em a bit of skin.

    It is a world apart and great place to be yourself- freeballing or whatever. I am always about half naked (if not completely) when I am spending time on the Big Island. I was in Kailua-Kona in early August and wore some short, see-thru shorts while walking around town late at night. It was cool - except one dude walked by and then turned around said "Hey, dude. You should go put on some pants." I just smiled because it meant he'd been looking and had also looked back at my ass too after he passed.. so I think that fact caught up with him -- he realized he'd been looking at a guy's crotch so I guess he had to call me on it to justify himself.

    Idolizing Masculinity through Freeballing
    Take guys in the military, for instance -- there must be a great feeling about the camaraderie of being together and facing the possibility of danger/risk of war.. surely that brings guys to share a lot and want to share the same .. so I imagine soldiers and sailors talk about wearing underwear or not, and a lot of cool stuff. I found this collage on the net and while we can't be sure of their freeballing, it sure looks like they are enjoying being close -- freeballing together under those shorts would make them feel even closer.
    Seeing friends bathe or your buddies changing into and out of athletic gear without worrying about who was looking or being ashamed of showing off their bodies (genitals are just one part of our bodies -- so why do they get such a bad rap ?). There are not enough models in our societies --especially the US -- but I think there are some other cultures where friends being nude together is not such a big deal and gives nobody any grief -- nor do they suffer any. If this situation were in Europe -- these guys who swim together might very be naked and enjoying it all the same.

    Freeballing crosses lifestyle, and gender orientation barriers

    Freeballing may remind us of the tension / difference between gay and straight but it is something that brings us together more than it separates.
    The interaction on the discussion threads illustrates something I really love about freeballing.com -- I find that freeballing.com is one of the few sites on the Internet as a 'virtual community' and may also be one of the few actual 'communities' where men of all ages, gender preferences and persuasions (including moral and religious) freely mix and interact -- where, for the most part, there is little moralizing or discrimination one way or another.
    But again, it may have more to do with how you perceive yourself and your own identity (sexual and beyond). While it may not be readily obvious, what appears to be "conflicts" between members are for the most part handled in a fairly mature and progressive manner.
    The real nature of human gender identity and the complexities of male sexuality all come into play here. But no one is blasting away with "I hate faggots" or accusing straight men of being anything else just because we all freeball or show off our sexuality or bond with the people with whom we have a strong affection. I know I'm intellectualizing -- so let me try to make it less academic but still get my point across -- if I can. Freeballing is an act of freeing yourself (at least from one point of view that sounds simplistic -- however, it may be a lot more and a more significant kind of self-liberating act. I think one of the reasons it is considered an alternative practice is because it represents also freeing oneself from the unnatural boundaries forced upon us about our sexual/emotional identities as men in society that is rapidly evolving. By all rights, somehotwink and hungteenfb have NO obligation to try to defend their relationships with their cousins (or younger friends or whomever). I am glad that they do and can -- that is one of the values of this discussion board. I think we should all listen to what people are saying (believe me - it is hard to write in a few sentences enough to explain), and not try to interpret what they are not saying.

    I just know that I can get on a philosophical high horse and come across like an academic geek sometimes when I get started writing - especially if I feel I am championing justice and liberty -- that's what we should call it -- libertyballing -- taking up and defending one's right to freeball and fraternalize -- bonding with one's band of fellow men - irrespective of age and without the necessity of any sexual gratification (not 'fraternize' - that's something different.) [ Sorry this probably belongs in a separate blog entry but I'm too lazy/rushed to that now.]

    Cross-cultural Perspective on Freeballing

    I wonder how many other national costumes or traditional clothes allow for freeballing?
    I've spent a lot of time in Japan and a few other countries where the national costume -- kimono or yukata (light summer informal kimono with fundoshi (loin cloth)) (at least it remains one of the traditional ways that some people dress --especialy for festivals or typical Japanese cultural events) does make freeballing sort of accepted.
    As I said in an earlier post (Scottish singer in a kilt), I wonder how many national / native or traditional costumes make it easy (or not) to freeball and perhaps to catch a glimpse. We've seen that many guys wearing kilts do not have anything on underneath.

    I have lived at times in Japan and still have strong connections to it. I find the kimono and in particular the yukata give a great opportunity to freeball. The traditional kimono, which is really as formal nowadays as a tuxedo and not worn very often at all, does not work out very well for freeballing -- mainly because it is worn for ceremonial events and people are not likely to move around much. The kimono is also worn tightly bound and can have several undergarments and belts (obi) so that it is not likely to come open. Damn, it must even be difficult to take a leak or squat to use the bathroom. However, the yukata is quite a bit different. It is a casual summer kimono-like one piece outfit -- typically worn for festivals and as night wear / indoor wear at hotsprings resorts and fine hotels.

    Traditionally, Japanese men (and there are some people who do still) wear the yukata and its shorter version (the happi coat) as casual wear -- although mostly it is only during the summer and fall festivals, but a few for daily wear especially during the hot humid summer season. Under the yukata -- and sometimes ONLY without even the yukata-- is worn the traditional Japanese loincloth called the "fundoshi." It is not exactly underwear because it can be worn as swimwear or beach wear, as festival gear, and as an undergarment for a yukata (or kimono). Normally, only men wear a fundoshi, but some guys think it is very sexy for women to wear them .. so you sometimes see women in porno wearing a fundoshi.

    Fundoshi is not really about freeballing -- it is a wrap that curls up from behind and under and can even tightly bind your balls, but it certainly does not leave much to the imagination once in place. There are a couple of styles - -the one for festivals is often twisted into a knotty rope like a thong and rides up the crack of your ass. Other style leave a hanging cover of the front so it's a bit hard to see the guy's encased mound of cock and balls, but this flying droop moves and floats around so you do get a view sometimes.

    I'm not Japanese and don't have much chance to wear a yukata or fundoshi, but I have an acquaintance in Japan who has been after me to try them. He is a Buddhist priest who is about 35, married with two small children. The place I stay is just next door to the temple so he invariably invites me over when he knows I am in Japan. Perhaps he is just trying to be nice by introducing me to traditional Japanese culture -- Japanese are not very big on evangelical Buddhism (although I hear it does exist). On a recent trip to Tokyo, he insisted on measuring me for a yukata and told me he would have onr made for me and then show me how to wear it and we would go to a fireworks festival wearing a yukata. While he was measuring me, he got down on his knees in front of me (apparently in total innocence) but it sure made me wonder. He first had me pull off my trousers and then he measured about my waist and hips while I standing there in a bare of almost mesh semi see-thru boxers. I had to pull my t-shirt down over the front to conceal what could have been a eyeful of my semi-freeballing. The next day he came running up to me again and wanted to measure me again -- he thought he might have made a mistake so it surely did get me to questioning his motives. For now, I will assume he has only my "cross-cultural" education at heart and nothing else. I do have to say that it will be interesting if he wants to teach me how to wear a fundoshi next!

    There are a few different types of 'fundoshi' style (Japanese loincloths). I guess you might say they are more like "freebutting" instead of freeballing, but what the hell, I think they look pretty cool. This photo above shows a guy's full body tatoo (irezumi) -- still quite popular with a certain segment of the Japanese -- it was strongly associated with gangsters (yakuza) but less so nowadays. Notice the twisted rope effect in the crack of his fundoshi -- wonder what that feels like -- maybe it helps keeps his semi-hard so that the spectators can enjoy the festival "show" even more. You can see different lengths of "happi" coats in this pic-- so the fundoshi is not really meant to be covered up -- although it can serve as underwear -- it is more like a 400 year old Japanese Speedo bikini or gym shorts.

    Finding pics of freeballing
    I wish it were easy to tell you where to find photos of men in uniform. While there are some sites devoted to sexual activities of military men - I don't actually really collect those and won't be posting them here - -since that's not what this site is about. I don't know of any one source that would have so many photos of men in uniform (who are freeballing) - unless you are willing to pay to join (which I am not).
    I found these in various places: Yahoo groups, also just by searching Google images, others were mixed in with some other photos -- like someone's private gallery on their personal web page. Justusboys.com allows members to keep up to hundreds of photos to share with others (a free service). You sometimes run across a few in the amateurs self-postings or discussion boards, such as dudesnude.com

    It took a bit of searching and also over an extended period of time.
    What I typically do is to save photos I run across on the net by category (or even in multiples categories - like a red head, military guy in uniform who is freeballing (or exposing). I have different folders for main categories and then make sub-folders. I tend to like photos that are realisitic with guys who are genuinely engaged in whatever they're doing -- whether freeballing while shopping or strolling through town or goofing off in the lockerroom, or pulling some antics -- like mooning at a frat party, etc. I also tend to get stimulated by one (or two) certain categories so I'll look for and save those types of photos for a while -- that's what's happened recently with uniforms and guys in boardshorts. I also have a pretty large collection of guys in sports -- both on an off the field (I don't mean porn but mostly real photos of athletes in action, partying, horsing around in the lockeroom,etc) -- but something like that is easier to find a whole website devoted too -- such as http://www.gaysports.co.uk/

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