• Got flashed (finally) on the night of the full moon in July


    I am gradually become a flasher or at least I find it increasingly provocative to freeball or sometimes wear semi-transparent or see-thru clothes.

    For the first time in a very LONG time, I was actually FLASHED last night (July 21). I am so excited because this means I am NOT alone - -there is at least one other guy in my neighborhood area who into flashing/streaking. Great!

    Now back to my story about getting flashed on July 21st!

    I was ecstatic last night (not just because of the full moon) to finally get flashed by a guy -- who was completely naked - under the street lamps along a tree-lined walkway bordering the cemetery where I walk the dog (my real pet and the one hanging between my legs.

    Anyway, I went out last night (July 21) at about 11pm. That's not my usual mode-- I don't get off by just flashing in the dark -- I mean what's the point in flashing if nobody can see you. However, now I see WHY guys do go out and flash at night. They may have MORE chance of actually been seen because the flashees are more likely to be looking.

    I usually walk my dog almost every morning between the hours of 6-8am and I hardly ever even get so much as a glance -- even when I am wearing my latest creation (see photo -- a pair of nylon athletic /jogging pants with the lining cut out -- just leaving a pair of very revealing mesh pants). 

    So before you write me off as a true perv -- just realize that I don't think that I have actually been "seen" by anybody in my neighborhood. I am discreet and also chicken-hearted (no -- I did NOT say chickenshit). My flashing near or at nude beaches and at gay resorts, or in the French Quarter for Southern Decadence, does not really count at flashing - I mean most of the people there are doing it too or are out looking for those who are.


    I was delighted when I got up the entrance of the huge cemetery about 700 ft from my place -- to see a guy completely naked about 50 ft away jogging up the narrow elevated walk way the runs along the edge of the cemetery. He must have seen me first as I emerged from the side street because by the time I saw him, he had flipped around and headed off in the other direction. Of course, he wouldn't know I would absolutely want to JOIN him in his naked romp so he did what most good flashers do -- he turned around and just jogged back the way he came. I lost him because the trail roams in and out among pines and other trees -- so he pranced down the natural obstacle course and before I could cross and start to follow, he was already gone. 

    I didn't want to RUN after him and scare him away forever -- he might too scared to do it again if he thought I was a self-righteous pervert-basher -- so I did the next best thing: I got naked too and walked down the same path (under intermittent street lights and then entered the cemetery from the next entrance about 200 yards down the way. There weren't many cars passing by but there is a row of houses which line the street on the opposite side. Any body could just look out the window. I can just hear them now saying " Oh look, George -- there goes another naked guy." "Yes, dear. I guess the full moon brings out all the streakers." LOL; 
    Actually, that's more what we looked like -- streakers -- than flashers. 

    I went in the cemetery and walk around - naked and stroking - of course - but he didn't come back by. You can see through the scattered line of trees along fence line where that pathway winds all along the eastern edge of the cemetery. So I'm looking forward to meeting up with a fellow flasher -- or maybe it was just a one-time full moon event. 

    I went back to the scene of that flash this morning and showed a little bit of full MOON of my own -- here's what those jogging pants look like. 

    I am definitely going to take them (and wear them wherever I can get away with it) during my long extended travels from now until after Labor Day. 

    See you in Japan, Hawaii (Puna), Russian River (CA), in KY/Ohio/NY, Canada(Ottawa), Provincetown, NYC, Munich/Prague, Croatia (Rovinj), and maybe at Southern Decadence -- these pants will not even attract attention on the French Quarter with so many guys with their crotches open and women with their boobs exposed. 

    More of the travel adventures in a later blog.

    "The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and and week end. "

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