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    Once (it was only two years ago), I had a sleepover at my mate Sam's house.

    I had wanked him off a couple of time, but because we were *straight*(and he still is to this day), it was OK.

    Anyway we had just finished a wank session, and he had dropped off in his bed. I was forced into the sleeping bag:@. Then I heard the stairs creaking. I presumed it was the wind, because we were in the attic room. Then I heard the floorboards creak. Then I smelt Calvin Klein aftershave, and a large hairy hand went into my sleeping bag. I quickly realised it was Sam's dad. I tried to put up some form of resistance, but I gave up and decided not to bother.

    When he finished, he took his boxers off and gave them to me, then walked off naked.

    I never told Sam, and we are bezzies today!
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    Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

    I had something similar happen to me like this. But it doesn't end pretty...... Some of this story is being altered, don't get to get to much detail, it really hurt me.

    When I was younger, I wasn't thinking that I would ever be Bi-Sexual. So here is how the story begins.

    One day I am in my father's shop (he owned his own business/store), and he has a friend who always had a fetish about feet. (Which feet to me is a turn off big time due to this, before it didn't bother me but now it does) Well my father's friend would always play around massaging my feet etc, and this one time, he put my foot where his cock is. I guess I would say I got turned on by it.

    After that day was over, I asked my father if his friend could take me to the mall to meet some friends, well that was a lie, and my dad's friend thought he was dropping me off too. Well we get to the mall and I tell him, "my friends aren't coming now".... He said "ok, well since we are here want to go around and shop" I said "sure". About 2 hours later we pass by this one store, and it had slippers in there that looked like big shoes but were comfortable as hell, well he being the foot fetish person he is keeps telling me "take off your shoes put those on see how they feel", this guy at this point must be getting turned on by my feet, so I did it after 20 minutes of going back and for no yes no yes no yes..... I get the slippers and we leave to go back to the car.

    At this point I am wondering if he is gay, bi or straight. I didn't have the courage to ask him, so I asked him for a pen and a paper (lol), he gives it to me and I write it down and give it to him. He responds saying "yes I am", he then asked me, "are you Gay, Bi or Straight", I answered, "Bi" (because I was interested in him sexually). I started crying a little because I was young and all, well at this point he puts my head on his lap and starts driving me home, and making me feel good by talking to me and saying everything is ok.

    While he is driving me home, my head is right by his cock, I start looking at it, and at this point I guess he noticed because he put his fingers by my face/mouth. I start sucking on his finger like I would, when giving oral. Well when I do that he puts my face right on top of his jeans by his cock, I unbutton and unzip his pants take out his cock and suck my first cock. He speeds up takes a off road to park, and me and him have sex for the first time, and my first gay sexual encounter.

    For about 2 years we had a relationship, just sex and friend wise, more sex though. Well he fucks it all up and keeps asking me, "you ever suck off your brother, your brother is hot". I am like "no, now please don't mention that again, I am not into incest" (well hell I could have sex with my uncle (family through marriage), that's coming up lol). Well a week later he goes up to my brother and says "drop on your knees and suck my cock", my brother says "get the fuck outta here, I will never do that". Then my fathers friend says, "why? your brother already dropped to his knees and blew me". This is really screwed up because it gave my whole family ideas about me being gay, and they start intruding on my life. You have no idea how hard it is to face it with a family that isn't homophobic but a family that wouldn't look at you the same again.

    Well at this point I broke off the relationship, and have been in hiding from this guy, because to this day he still talks to my family, and I always tell my family I don't like him, he needs to stay away from the store. (I don't know how, but I got away with what he said to my brother) About a year ago, he finally finds me, and says "yeah I am no longer into younger guys anymore, I am into older guys now".
    I say "well that is good, I hope it works out for you", then he says "well you are a older guy now, want to go on a cruise with me?" I am like "are you serious after what happened between me and you." He goes on and on, finally my father comes back and starts talking to him, well I make my get-a-way, and hide for the rest of the day.

    I really had feelings for this guy at first, it might have been just dumb feelings because I was so young, but after what happened it disgusted me, and made me never want to see him again. I have been insecure with my Bi-Sexual life ever since this has happened, and it was my first Gay Sexual Experience! I left out many, many screwed up details.

    But on to my Uncle. One time I was in Florida with my Brother's Girlfriend, my Uncle and his 3 kids. So we all go to the water park and as we were standing in line I accidentally brushed my hand on my uncles cock, through his bathing suit, well we both looked at each other and didn't say anything. Later that day, I go into the restroom's to take a leak, well he comes in with me and stands in the stall directly next to me, we are talking etc, well I catch him staring at my cock (He is a big guy around 6'4" perfect body thats makes you want to scream ecstasy), he can look over the paritions blocking us, but I can't because I am only 5'10". Then some kid comes up to us behind and starts talking to me, this kid was only about 7 and I felt like going nuts cause I wanted to see where this went, by the time I turned back around my uncle was finished and started walking away!

    Now the reasons I have are, 1) I caught gay porn on his computer when I was younger, 2) what happened in the stalls, and 3) About 6 months later, my family and my uncles family get together and its just me and him alone and I catch him again staring at my cock, and comes up to me standing closer, and my face is directly alined to his cock, at this point he is standing about a foot or less away from me, his legs spread open like a V but upside down of course. I am not sure if this is a reason but shit gives me a good damn reason after him getting so close to me after staring at my cock.

    Another time was when we were at the beach, (this isn't really a reason) well he says to me all the
    time, well time to get into the cold water and have our cock's shrivel on us (i am laughing and screaming in my mind at this point, cause I just want to have sex, one night with him, shit even more if I can). Well we are swimming and I brush up against his cock again. We both say nothing again, but about 20 minutes later I felt a brush against mine and he wasnt far from me at all, but we had my 1 cousin with us, so I don't know if it was an accident or on purpose, my uncle was looking at me right after it happened though.

    It's driving me insane, what do you all think? Its not big evidence, and my gaydar (I actually do have one lol, I start getting a nervous feeling around gay guys, and all I have to do is look at them in the face, no talk or nothing lol), isn't working with him, but then again it doesn't work with people I have known basically my whole life, as I have had an encounter with my friend before, and he forced it. 
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