• Hospital Tintillation - Trying to flash the doctor


    I was staying in hospital for a condition that has also occurred before. I ended
    up on the same ward of the same hospital where I stayed before. Two of the attending doctor's are the same, but one is new .. young, tall, and he has a deep voice and sexy hands. It gives me a thrill when he stops by to examine me on his am/pm rounds. There really is nothing to suspect he'd be interested in one of his patients sexually. But that hasn't stopped me from fantasizing and also trying to flash him from my hospital bed. There is something horny about being physically examined daily by men in white coats! LOL especially when the nature of the illness is rather mild -- by comparison with other patients who seem to suffer a lot more. The fact that I spend time reading porn stories ( some about this very thing - medical exams) while lying hours on a hospital bed certainly enhances the mood. 

    Dr. M usually makes a point to stop by twice a day...so I've been greeting him with my robe open slightly at the crotch when he has stopped the last few days so that now I'm thinking he's got the idea I like him seeing me nude. Yesterday he made an unscheduled stop in the p.m.

    When he asked about my throat, I had just a peek of my crotch showing, but then he wanted to see my ankle so I had to stretch out my leg and I am pretty sure he got a clear view of my semi erect cock when my robe
    opened up more.

    I couldn't really look down and confirm or I'd been obliged to cover my 'accidental' exposure. He stayed a minute more, making small talk, but he was not cruising me -- at least not blatantly -- maybe he's not at all interested, but oddly enough he came back alone this a.m. after a group of doctors he was with stopped by earlier. I made a point of extending my leg to let him feel my ankle thus exposing my groin with my partly open robe. I couldn't gauge hid reaction, however. There is another young doctor who is friendly too, but it's not clear whether my showing some glimpses of penis is having any effect on him either.

    Yesterday, after that episode, I got so horny that I decided to go outside while the sun was shining and to try to get partly naked. Behind the hospital but still on its property is a small park area with benches. Trees, and an open area that adjoins the parking lot. That's where I headed mid afternoon wearing my robe and nothing else - actually a Japanese yukata (light cotton kimono-like garment)- while that in itself is not unusual, most of the ones people might sleep in are normally white with a traditional printed pattern. Mine is for casual day wear so it is a tan and beige modern design.

    The parking lot is near the back so there are not as many visitors, but instead there are pharmaceutical company salesman who park their cars there and then wait between appointments. A few of them were parked (backed in) and sitting in the driver's seat. They could probably get a look in the rear view mirrors of what I was doing. I opened the front of my robe and then started pulling on my cock until it was fully hard -- a.though I can't be sure anyone's looking, they certainly have the opportunity and that thought kept my juices flowing all evening and half the night.  

    Mine is a male patients room shared with three other beds - separated by
    curtains. Last night between 12-2am, I couldn't stifle the urge to beat off - but I made sure to make squishy jacking noises on my cock as I edged up and back from a final squirt when the 20-something guy in the corner bed seemed to be likely to be awake and listening ( turned over or got something to drink).

    I know it 's not much, but I am confined to my hospital for more than a week and with security cams everywhere I'm not about to flash strangers on the elevator. What I am doing now is some form of CMNM simulation. Exactly because he is a serious medical professional, there is nothing to worry about.


     I talked to him a lot longer today - when he came in to the room, I was lying on my back and my half hard-on was visible through the thin material of the white pj's I'm wearing. As we talked my erection went down although there was some leakage of precum he might have noticed. I even joked with him about finding a bride perhaps among his patients. Our conversation went on for a while -- at least he's not scared of being with / talking to a 'flaming pervert' as some people (on this site) seem to believe.

    The next day...

    It was a nice sunny afternoon, so getting hornier as I feel better, I went out to the hospital grounds again to get naked in the sun. There cars parking nearby and some strollers, but I sat on the far bench and took off my pajama top. A bit later I pulled down my shorts and manage to get these cellphone pix. Had fun beating off in the April sunshine although most viewers couldn't see much since they were behind me, but a shirtless guy with a hand busy in his lap.

    Last day in the hospital ...



    Monday was the last of my week-long hospital stay. Young Dr.M, who I described in an earlier posting (below), had already visited me once that morning ,so I thought any chances of him seeing nude were unlikely. But - what do you know! - he came back to say he needed some photos to document how I had healed. What luck! 

    I was wearing my gown with nothing underneath. Of course,I knew this was my flashing opportunity come true! 

    So I disrobed while on the bed right in front of him. He was very professional, but my cock started swelling up. It took him a few minutes to get the photos - mostly close-ups. By this time, my cock was nearly erect and starting to leak. I was delighted he didn't just hurry away, but stayed a couple more minutes and chatted - all the.while letting me show him my naked body, cock and balls. I think he somehow knew that this was a more intimate kind of bedside manner that this patient really needed and appreciated!

    The photo at the top is how I looked from the end of the hospital bed (taken with a cellphone just after the doctor left).

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