• Hostel Hotness (from discussions on Dudesnude, Dickflash & JUB)

    Elegantism (member id) started off the discussion on hostel hotness like this:

    Travelng through Europe, [ I stayed in hostels sometimes] 8 guys to a room I always thoughts something hot would go down.

    I remember this one time in Italy where the room was tiny and there were 6 guys in it. all ended up sleeping naked on top of the sheets sweating and boning all night long.

    Any more exciting stories? 

    Follow up: beachpuppy
    I was staying in a hostel in Verona, Italy, in a beautiful converted villa. Some of the showers were communal, shower heads from a common pillar. When you took showers, it meant you were standing around the same pillar, sort of face to face. Got hooked up there taking showers together...
    Follow up: nakedparis
    It happened to me in Budapest; the hostel was an university residence and showers were in a big room; there were little walls between showers but no curtains, so it was easy to peer the guys in the fron shower's line or drying after the shower.
    In Stockholm too, I found two hostels with showers not very private; there were curtains, but the undressing room was common, so before and after the shower, we could peer each other.

    My response:It's great to find others who are equally attracted to CMNM (clothed male / naked male) experiences at hostels. Sex is sometimes overrated and that's not just sour grapes because I can and do get a lot of it. But I find the male bonding / friendship/ buddy camaraderie / 'skinship' aspect of relationships with other men (not just sex) can be so much more easily experienced in an environment like a hostel and I find myself craving such experiences because I feel so isolated from knowing men fully. Sure I can fuck around with guys, but it find it hard to make friends or just be buddies with guys without sex at the same time releasing our typically mutual inhibitions toward deeper male friendships.

    I have had some great times and also some highly homoerotic stays at several hostels... particularly at one hostel (presently unnamed) - which I have described here on a previous thread posting (now disappeared). I've written about these hostels and sought and given advice about travelling using hostels and the male bonding / male nudity that can happen here and on my blogs. 

    Another member, nakedparis (above) has a great idea but I think we need another site/venue to share these since Dudesnude is so limited and the posts eventually scroll up and disappear. Also, there is the issue of privacy - when we start actually naming places and giving out address, then it may get back to the hostel owners (indirectly) that their establishments is targeted by gays/bi-guys seeking sex in their hostels. Some of the hottest places to stay are not always to gay-friendly or diversity oriented. 

    In the meantime, I want to hear more from elegantism about his experiences...

     Hey, don't any of you guys blog? One cool idea is to create a Group Blog (using Blogger and Flickr) with multiple account holders (blog members). It's easy to set up (I can do that) and then you can either post entries by going to the Blogger (there can be many blog members or you can blog an entry by sending an email (even with an attached photo).
    What do you say? Anybody want to try that... the discussion can still go on here but a 'good / useful' entry could also easily be blogged too. It doesn't mean to have to share id or have common passwords either.

    A few days later...... I added:

    I created the CMNM blog and I can add you as a co-author.
    Actually, you don't have to actually join blogger to do so - because even without being an (approved) blog author - it is now set up to allow posts to be sent by e-mail. That address is written in the first (trial) post at: 

    The problem is how to handle explicit sexual photographs (I discuss in that post). Not having any solves that dilemma-- but there is still the matter of what constitutes 'sensual / sexy vs erotic or artistic nude vs blatant sexual behavior or obscenity as defined by the courts. 

    It won't be an issue-- of course -- if nobody ever posts or even reads it. 
    Look at it first and then tell me what you think about 'managing' the off-site blog..... Guys Into CMNM
    So now it is off and running more to follow later.....


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