• Innocent Exhibitionism -- Cross-cultural male camaraderie in Japan


    While living in Japan, I found it kind of amazing that the otherwise polite and docile Japanese could be so rowdy and getso raunchy in the right circumstances. Most of these centered around group events where drinking was involved. I guess it happens everywhere with young people -- like ay college parties and fraternities, etc. But still is a bit of a paradox when the seemingly shy Japanese get plastered (or maybe that's just an excuse or front) and start stripping and performing what Puritanical Americans would think of as "lewd" acts. 

    While Japanese are modest about nudity in general -- there are times when you can catch a glimpse of guys showing pubic hair or asses -- and sometimes a cock. I used to go cycling along some of the rivers around Tokyo. The city uses the flood banks for public sports fields or you can also see similar activities in public parks too. When stopping for a break, I could often get glimpes of guying changing clothes in broad daylight - I mean from street clothes -- stripping down to nothing or fleeting glimpse of ass and cock, and change into their team uniform or sports clothes right there in front of everyone -- especially when they were surrounded by the hunky teammates. Teams of intramural sports -- soccer, rugby, American football, baseball play on these fields usually during the weekends and holidays. Invariably, because there are no dressing rooms, the guys have to strip and change out of and back into their street clothes.This kind of CMNM scene has always been a turn-on -- it is like seeing one naked guys in a locker room full of clothed athletes, but it is out in public -- an open field.


    It's kind of cool to see this kind of "innocent" exhibitionism among team members. But there is another type of flashing among Japanese men that seems to happen a lot but is not really so innocent -- maybe not really sexual or sensual -- but more like playful machismo, I guess, but it is still a turn on.

    I never got invited to participate to such a degree but I have been in the room -- usually at a overnight retreat at an inn or hot springs resort where similar male stripping occurs. Without fail, some of the guys get (supposedly) too drunk to stop themselves, and end up pulling all kinds of stunts. They seem to start out as party games and end up with somebody getting undressed -- sort of voluntary (or sometimes forced) flashing for the rest of the group. 

    I never got any photos -- but I found these photos on the net by a group of Japanese college students . They seem pretty typical for the kind of drunken playfulness that leads to somebody getting pantsied or just flashing the group. I used a Japanese language search engine and found these.

    Japanese sometimes call this "skinship."

    What is so cool about it?  Has anybody else experienced this kind of male-male "bonding" rituals between straight guys or in mixed gender groups -- in North America, Asian or Europe.?   I don't have a fetish about it , but think it is kind of cool. While these guys are sort of playing around with "sexy" homoeerotic behaviors -- maybe even identifying a bit with the homoerotic nature of what they doing -- it seems to me a kind of healthy way to de-sexualize nudity between men. Yes, there are some women at the party too -- although none of them usually get nude or show much if anything at all.

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