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    Trip to Budapest August from a decade ago (part of my first Eastern Europe journey) -- See my separate JUB blog entry about my first nude massage experience at Kiraly Baths, Budapest. 

    I got back from a trip to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.
    Budapest was the hottest party atmosphere -- a lot of tourists and hot Hungarian guys -especially on the weekends. I had fun at Action Club address is 42 Magyar (near Astoria Subway stop -- I think that is the address - -check cruisingforsex dot com to be sure ). It has a rainbow symbol on the door but does not open until 9pm. You have to buy a minimum of 1300 fts (a couple of drinks -- beer is 500 forents) and keep up with the tab since you pay on the way out (a guy at the exit has to check your tab to see if you have paid yet before he unlocks the door). However, there is a back room where it got hot and heavy. I also had a very good time cruising for sex in Kiraly Baths - -it only for men on Tuesday /Thursday/Sat 10am-8pm? -- 3 hour time limit and bathing suit required but that does not prevent sex in the pools, sauna and other areas. Rac and Rudas Baths are also supposedly good for male sex too but did not try. I heard there was nude sunbathing at Margit Island but could not find it -- the outdoor thermal baths was closed there that day. 


    I did stroll completely around Margit Island and looked for a place to get naked but it was pretty busy with locals and tourists alike. There was also a large movie crew at one section which they blocked off, filming a scene with the river in the background. 
    I would love to return to try out the naturist sun terrace at Palatinus Baths, as well as some of the other places and see more sights. 

    I was there in late August - just missed the Palatinus (open air bath with nude sun terrace) because it closes each year around Aug 22. 

    The traditional Turkish and Hungarian baths are worth at least one visit- just for the ambiance and architecture. Kiraly was supposedly a lot quieter than it had been (see Budapest Gayguide.net articles) -- I admit it WAS fairly tame - although I did get my cock sucked in the steam room and also again in a more secluded area. I had fun - -but there was much more overt action in the dark rooms at Action Club. (see above post).

    Hungarian men seemed not to hestitate to bareback so take precautions. 
    I found some other info at:

    Look for info here too

    http://www.cruisingforsex.com also has specific listings for many cities/countries with comments from people who have been there. 

    Additional recommendations below by Teddski (dudesnude.com)

    Rac Baths (Rac Furdo) - Built during the reign of King Zsignond in the early 15th century. Men only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and only open from 6:30 am - 6 pm and are particularly popular with the gay community. But watch for hustlers. Almost everyone that spoke English was looking to rent.

    Rudas Baths (Rudas Baths) - A high domed roof admits bluish green light into the dark stone hall above the oxdigon shaped pool. Over 1,000 years old it was originally constructed by the Romans. A Men only bath that has a good reputation with the gay community. Open 6 am - 6 pm with a lot of high school age guys hitting the warm waters before classes.

    Statue Park (Szobar Park) - A thirty minute trip to the south of the city is an open air exhibit of 42 Communist statues. They were originally located in all of the cities public squares, but were removed in 1989.

    Chain Bridge - (Szechenyi Lanchid) Bridge over the Danube River connecting Buda and Pest.

    St. Stephen's Basilica - Chief landmark of Pest that can hold 8,500 people.

    Amstel River Cafe - I stopped in for lunch, mentioned to the waiter that I was from America, and the owner of the restaurant came over and spent 90 minutes telling me where I should go out in the gay community and places to really stay away.

    Angel Bar and Disco -- The most popular gay bars with a fun dance floor.

    Action Bar - No name posted outside. Look for the red light shining on a letter A. As mentioned above, a card is given upon entry and all drinks are charged to be paid in full when leaving the bar. This is done to keep hustlers from hitting on guys, since you really need to buy alcohol to stay. 

    An excellent guide is the Fodor's Prague and Budapest Guide.


    The kind of flashing that appeals to me is the sort of 'semi' innocent flashing where guys get naked when changing clothes. It is not as if they really are intending to shock somebody by masturbating and blowing your load right in front of people .. it's a kind of laid-back form of (almost) unintentional public nudity. Don't get me wrong -- I'd probably love being exhibitionistic more overtly in certain circumstances -- like the in a gay theatre or sex club -- I know I've enjoyed being watched in gay saunas -- but that is a kind of private sex life that I am not talking about here. 

    At least for now, the only kind of public flashing I can do is the accidental exposure - "you weren't supposed to set that" type. I have found that some parks (depends on the country and the city) are great for this type of spontaneous 'naturist' flashing and other are not. 

    I have already written about how guys in Japan who are with their teams -- often change in public parks and just outside public ball fields -- you can sometimes get quite a show when they strip down to nothing or try to jump out of their athletic gear and into their street clothes. 

    There are other places where I have experienced something a bit different. It seems that there is 'room' in society for a lot of male public nudity in Europe. 

    Donau Insel (Donau Island), Vienna

    Link to info about nudism on Donau Insel (Donau Island inside Vienna on the Danube River):


    Donau Island in Vienna and its excessive public parks along the Danube River were excellent for this kind of 'innocent' flashing. Along there somewhere may well be a section that is totally nude, but I couldn't find it. It is easy to take the train (subway) to one of at least two stations along this public park-way or arrive at one and walk (30 min) to return via the other - which is the way I explore the area. 

    I found that you were more likely to just happen across a nude man or women or see people pull of their clothes to get into the water. A few couples were going at it .. like a woman giving a guy a handjob under his shorts, but it is mainly a family like atmosphere - -but with some nude people mixed in - typically as singles. the long thin island is where I walked and then sunbathed nude, although there were a lot of people on the opposite banks -- the river is quite wide so it was not easy to see what state of undress people were on the far banks. 

    What I liked is that you could change clothes (and flashing cyclist) or pick a spot up on the embankments and just get naked, or go for a nude swim and it was not a big deal -- at least not for the casual observers who might glance your way.
    Obviously, Englischer Garten in Munich would be another place -- it was raining hard when I was there in August. 

    Innocent Flashing Spots:

    Can anyone recommend other places/parks/ public recreation areas where this can easily happen (in North America or elsewhere too)? 

    Much of the US tends to be so puritanical about nudity that people are likely to call the police on somebody who  is just peeing, let alone actually sunbathing nude in a public park.

    Well, that's another sad story, which I'll defer to another time. 
    Happy naked sunbathing,

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