• Nudist Beaches in Asia: What are the alternatives for getting naked?

    I have just joined a gay social networking and news media site for men in Asian called Fridae.com - one of their tribes (discussion groups) is the Nudist and Naturalist Networks. Here is what I added to several responses concerning: Where in Asian can a guy go to a nudist beach?

    In Japan, there are only two places where guys (mostly gay men) go as a nude beach (one in Chiba, and the other is a deserted spot on Shonan Beach). Neither are well known by the general public partly because they are so hard to find, and far from Tokyo. Also, it's not like Black's Beach or ones in other Westernized countries, people get naked very discreetly even on a supposedly nude beach. They generally wear swimwear when walking around or when in the water, but remove their clothes while lying in the sun.

    The next best thing to a nude beach then is a hot springs resort or a public bathing spa, the latter of which there are over 50 in Tokyo. In these, men and women have separate bathing areas. Often, there is a small outside areas (enclosed by a fence for privacy) where the naked men can soak in a pool of mineral waters or lounge naked or draped in a towel. Inside, there are various types of baths, but the men are usually totally naked when walking to and from each pool and when they sit on stools at individual showers for washing body and hair. Many of them have wet and dry saunas.

    So, despite their being little interest in nude beaches, Japanese are often fond of such warm mineral baths, and even travel to stay in the many areas of the country where there are nice resort hotels grouped around these hot springs, such as Hakone.

    However, you don't have to go far from any metropolitan area to enjoy the same atmosphere of men enjoying being naked. Formerly, there were the old-fashioned public baths or 'sento' in every neighorhood, which have just about disappeared these days, being replaced by large, more modern and luxurious: bathing resort (or 'onsen' - hot springs bath or spa).
    The water has a higher content of minerals, particularly sodium (salt) and it's either brought in or created, but in sometimes comes naturally from the ground as Japan is a set of volcanic islands, also prone to earthquakes, as everyone knows.Well... for those in Malaysia or Singapore, and other places where there are not naked places, you can do what I often do: Make your own nude beach by just getting naked where the general public cannot see (easily).

    I love being naked outdoors and often do so when there is a patch of land or a bushy area along side a river or a section of recreational land. If men are already sunbathing someplace, then just find a more hidden place in the same area and take it a step further: remove all your clothes and cover your privates. When no one is around, you can remove the covering.

    In my trips to Thai, Singapore and Malaysia, I can recall a few places where this might happen, such as Sentosa Island, or a bit further afield - take a ferry or boat to one of the Indonesian islands not far from Singapore. There are surely some deserted beaches as well along Malaysia's southern coast, perhaps on Tioman Island (as there are plenty of foreigners), and also in East  Malaysia (Sarawak), I was able to get naked inside the Bako National Park both inland and at any of many deserted beaches. Guides on individually hired boats can take you to a certain point, and pick you up later.

    I realize that an important element may be missing when you simply go out and get naked alone. One of the most fun things about nude beaches is not only about being seen in the nude. It's also the chance to see others (especially men) in all their naked glory. You can't always do both at the same time. There must be places and events where men in various Asian countries are naked or dressing / undressing so take advantages of those spots even if you can't be naked yourself at the same time.

    However, you may get a chance to see both nature and men doing things in nature and completely naturally that you didn't expect to see, such as guys having sex or masturbating because they think they are alone, like in this photo from a voyeur site above. Or scenes like the ones below - where everyday Asian guys just enjoy finally being able to get completely naked in public.

    A young gay asian guy from the Philippines takes a walk every Saturday afternoon, but not because he is in love with nature, but because he loves to be naked outdoors. Sneaking out of his house on Saturday, he heads into the forest.   As soon as he is out of sight of his home his clothes start to come off. Walking down the path the leaves and branches brush against his thighs, causing him to get very horny. The silky feeling of the brush against his skin causes his cock to get hard. It's not long before his cock is ready to explode in a massive cum shot.   Come inside and see our gallery collection of Jaycee (Jecee) on his naked nature walks.
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