• Willoughby,  (response)

       I hope you know that size is certainly NOT everything when it comes to activity rank (LOL)!
    Enthusiasm counts at least twice as much - and you have that in abundance.   By the way, that activity rank number is probably outdated by the the time they save  and sent out the Grou.ps updates.  Actually, I have nothing to do with it.   I am just wondering what the 'magic' numbers of users is before they start requiring subscriptions - like several of the large grou.ps are currently have to require for admission.

    I'm traveling now. I getting a  bit of the type of CMNM experience I enjoy.. exposing 'accidentally' or nonchalantly to straight and or younger men.  Yes, I stripped for a shower at a public changing room on Waikiki Beach. None of the other guys took off their clothes - kind of ridiculous if you ask me. One guy was even try to washing his lower body while wearing cargo pants.

    It was cool when two Japanese teenagers came in and got in the shower - of course, they kept their swimming trunks on the whole time, and even changed out of them by wrapping a towel around the waist and lowering their trunks, without exposing their butts or genitals.  I enjoyed being the only naked guy and made sure they had a chance to get some glances of my half swelled dick and butt.

    Later, after going to the Max's Gym (gay sex club), I slept in the nude at my hostel. A nice Korean guy (aged 26) was opposite me. So when he got up before 6 to get ready to leave for Seoul, I made sure to have the sheet slipped down and my half-erect cock on display.

    Send me the photo that you want for the 'submissives'  and I'll set it for your subgroup.
    Best wishes and thank you very much for being an active member of our CMNM network on Grou.ps

    Kelly (sunbuns)

    On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Willoughby wrote:

     My Guys into CMNM weekly newsletter arrived with the message that I have an activity rank of 36.  I am nearly completely and utterly distraught.  I know my rank was 52 on my page a few days ago.  I go on the site daily to check every new member to see if they have any descriptions of CMNM interests to add to my compendium.

    When I have time, I search the people entries for any hot admissions of desires or experiences in the realm of CMNM.

    I started a new subgroup, submissives, and understand from something I ran across that the photo is not selected by the person who starts the group.  That is fine with me, but I am hoping that there will be a photo that is as hot as the one for the Japan group. Yow!   I have collected a few twink spanking photos I look at often.I would like, when I have gone through all of the submissions, a list of my favorite expressions of interest in CMNM on the subgroup page submissives.

    Here is the bulk of what I have so far.  I estimate that I've gone through about a quarter of them.  (I also want to help to produce photos in which there is a clothed male and a naked one.  We need more of that for sure.)

    I love watching naked men among clothed people

    The kinkier the better, Forced nudity in front of as many clothed men as possible. Non consensual, forced,,, being forced to jack off etc.

    love to be around naked men

    I enjoy being clothed while in the presence of a nude male - either watching them, or actively participating in undressing and exploring them.

    forced nudity, accidental nudity, candid/unknown voyeur

    me on the stage at the audience

    Love being naked in front of others     Being forced naked, humiliated

    Being naked around dressed people and being played with
    being naked in a room of clothed jocks


    I've been obsessed with being nude around other males since I was 11 years old but have never done it! It's brand new to me.

    "I'm submissive and want to get naked."
    " Guy, really into cmnm and forced nudity."
    "Looking to be put on display for guys,"

    expressing interest in: humiliation, master/slave, group
    Being naked/Forced
     I hope that there has been some horrible computer glitch and that I will find, as soon as the site is functioning on the people pages again, that my activity rank is back up there.

    Love your work,

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    A long-time lurker on the site Dickflash.com Male-Male Flashing finally came up with a really great first post (based on a real-life relationship) which is a very erotic story about his finding out a straight buddy was really into him too.
    So I'll admit...I've been a habitual lurker on here (http://www.dickflash.com) for quite a while! Mostly because every time I come on this board with the intention to post, I end up reading something that makes me bust a nut on the spot!

    This started back in 2008. I reconnected with this one guy that I have known since he was 14 and I was 21 (he was the brother of another friend). We had lost contact with each other, but in summer of 2008, we ran into each other. He was 23 at the time, and I was 30. We exchanged numbers, and eventually started hanging out together with our respective girlfriends. I'm bi, but from all I could tell, he was as straight as they came. He worked in construction, and even from a young age, had always been a beer drinking, sports watching, skirt chasing hetero guy.

    Anyway, we really hit it off, and got to be very close. One night, while both of our girlfriends were out of town on a girls weekend, we were texting each other just stupid shit. Now you have to understand, in addition to the "straight guy sex appeal" he held, my friend is also very seriously hot. Dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a hard body from construction work. Also, since we had joined a gym together, and saw each other naked almost every day, I knew he was really hung (at least 5 soft.

    I had been wanting to figure out a way to flash him my hard cock for quite a while, and I thought text might be the perfect way. So I took a picture of my very hard cock, and sent it to him with this note: "Hey babe, I hope you and [his girlfriend's name] are having a great time. Just wanted to show you how much I missed you." I wanted him to think that I had accidentally sent that to him instead of my gf.
    Well, a minute later, I get a text from him: "Hey man. Not that I don't appreciate getting to know you better, lol, but I think this was meant for [my girlfriend's name]. :-)". I called him, pretended to be hugely embarrassed. He laughed, said no big deal, and joked that he'd seen me naked enough times at the gym that it didn't really matter.

    I thought that was that, until a few minutes later, I got a text from him. With a picture of his cock. Rock hard. The text said "LOL. I figured that I would return the favor. LOL...enjoy. Since the girls aren't here, guess I'm going to have to take care of this myself."

    Fucking hell. I nearly creamed myself right there. He had the perfect cock. About 9-9.5 hard, beautiful head, cut but no circ scar, just delicious looking. So I texted him back "Nice! Guess that means we're real friends now, huh? LOL. Yeah, about to take care of matters myself."

    Well, he texted me to have fun, I told him to do the same, and figured the night was pretty much over. So I thought I would jump in the shower, then head to bed for a nice long stroke with his pic. Well, as I'm getting out of the shower, I get another text from him with a picture of his now semi-hard cock AND A MASSIVE HANDFUL OF CUM, saying "Ahh...apparently I needed that. Hope your's was just as good! Goodnight!"

    Well, I couldn't even wait to get to bed. I was so hard, the skin on my dick was straining. I swear to you, 2-3 strokes and I blasted all over the bathroom sink. So I took a picutre of that and simply said "It was. :-)". He wrote back "Nice!", and we both called it a night.

    That was on a Saturday. The next Monday, when we met at the gym, I noticed that he didn't turn away when he stripped after working out, and instead of wrapping his towel around his waist like normal, he put it around his shoulders. So of course, being the exhibitionist I am, I did the same. We walked into the shower room, and took two shower stalls right next to each other, like normal. Now, the shower floors were dark tiles, and when they are wet, they are very reflective, a fact that I had taken advantage of on numerous occasions to perv on him a bit.

    That day, he seemed to be taking a lot longer in the shower, so I leaned over to check what he was doing. And I could clearly see him jacking off...and from his reflection, could tell he was perving on me too! So I decided to join in!

    I was so horny, knowing that he was jacking off and watching me, that it didn't take long for me to cum. Now the two showers that we liked had the drain in the floor right between them, so it was VERY obvious that my cum was floating to the drain, and in fact, got stuck on the grid on top. About 20-30 seconds later, I see his load join mine on top of the drain. We finished our showers, got out, and just pretended nothing happened (other than our still softening semi's!).

    This went on for a couple of months, and throughout that time, I would get text pics from him of his hard or soft cock, with some joking text attached to make it seem like it was all fun. So of course, I played along. Well, right before Christmas of that year, the girls were out shopping, and were going to go back to his girlfriend's place to wrap presents and were going to stay the night there. So he and I decided to have a guys night and he was going to stay over at my place. We watched some "guy" flicks (scary, bloody, with lots of T&A), and had some food and beers.

    Earlier in the day, in a moment of hopeful dreaming, I had bought a bi porno featuring mostly MMF action. It was hardcore, with the guys getting it up the ass just as much as the women. I left it on my video shelf, just in case. Well, we were a little tipsy, and he asked if I wanted to watch another movie. I said sure, so he got up to see what DVDs I had. I don't hear anything for a bit, when he suddenly says "This looks interesting!", and holds up the porno I had bought earlier. I pretended to be embarrassed, and had forgotten to put it away. So he said "What the hell?", and put it in the DVD player.

    Well, at this point, we were both already pretty much ready for bed, so just in boxer shorts and nothing else (this was pretty standard from the few times he had stayed over before, even before the sexual tension). So there we are, sitting on the same couch, watching porn. This wasn't one with a stupid story line - it was all action. The very first scene quickly led into a guy getting fucked up the ass while eating out a woman.

    I glance over at him from the corner of my eye, and can see that he is very obviously hard, and playing with his cock through his boxers. So I do the same. After a minute or two, I say something like "Sorry, just can't take it", pull my boxers off, and start stroking. Well, he stares at me a minute, then does the same. The next scene comes on, and it's just two guys, with the girl watching and fingering herself on the side. The guys are blowing each other, and my friend suddenly asks me "I've always wondered what it was like to get head from a guy. I've heard it's better than from a woman. Have you ever been blown by a dude before?"

    I hesitate for a minute, then say, yeah, I have. A mouth is a mouth. A couple of more seconds pass, then he asks me "Have you ever blown a guy?" Again, I hesitate, and answer that yes, I've returned the favor a few times. Well, we watch for a another couple of minutes, when I finally can't take it any more. I say "This may be just the alcohol talking, but if you want to find out what it's like, I'll be happy to show you."

    He doesn't say anything, but just removes his hand from his cock, slides down the couch a little, and spreads his legs. Well, instantly, I was down on my knees between his legs, with that beautiful, glorious cock in my mouth. I am on it like a starving man on bread. A minute or two into it, I can feel his cock start to jump, and I know he's about to cum soon. Suddenly, I feel his hands on my arms, pushing me away. I think "Oh shit! I've gone too far and now he's pissed." So I stand up, when he leans over...and takes my cock in his mouth.

    It's surreal...I can see the sandy blonde hair of this "super straight" stud bobbing up and down as he takes his first inexperienced taste of cock. I can tell this is his first time. There's a little too much teeth, and not quite the right amount of suction (kwim?). But I don't care...this is so hot that I am about to blow. I tell him "I'm about to cum!", thinking he will pull off, when he just starts sucking faster and I feel his hand on my balls. I can't hold back, so I start to shoot in his mouth. I hear him gag at first, but he doesn't stop. And I swear to you, swallows the whole load.

    Well, when I recover, I look down so that I can finish him off, when I see that he has actually cum without even touching himself. At that point, I get a bit worried. What if he freaks out? What if this makes things weird?

    I go to turn off the movie, when I hear him say "Nah, don't turn it off yet. It's just getting to the good stuff!" Hell yeah! So we sit down, naked on the couch, and continue to watch. Well, needless to say, it wasn't too long before we were both hard again. A scene comes on with two guys fucking, and he looks at me and says "I've always wanted to try that." I ask him "Anal sex?" He say's yeah.

    Well, up until this point in my life, I had never been fucked. I had, however, used quite a few toys up there. So I ran to my room, and grabbed some lube. I come back, look him in the eye, squirt some lube on his cock and on my ass, then lower myself onto his cock as he is sitting on the couch.

    You would have thought I had electrocuted him. He started fucking me like a wild man, grabbing my hips and ramming into me. Granted, it did hurt like hell, because none of my toys were as big as him. But I didn't care, I wanted him so bad. He eventually had me on the floor, on the couch, in different positions without stopping. Finally, I hear him start to grunt, and can feel his load shooting into my ass. I collapse on the floor as he falls onto the couch, both of us breathing hard. I am worn out, but still hard, thinking I was going to go wipe his load out of my ass and wack off into the toilet. I sit up, and he looks at me...and then lifts his legs in the air so that his hole is pointed right at me.

    I don't need to be asked again. I literally reach behind me, wipe the cum and lube mixture from my ass, slather it on my cock and his hole, and then slide into him. I could tell from the pain on his face that this had definitely been an "exit only" location before. However, he pulled me into him and started riding me. As I'm fucking him, his cock get's hard AGAIN (oh, god, to be 23), so I reach in front of me and start jacking him as I'm fucking him.

    This is so unbelievably hot that I can't hold out long. So I start thrusting hard, and jacking his cock for all it's worth. Just as I start to shoot a load in his ass, his cock begins to unload another unbelievable large amount on his stomach.

    Well, that was two years ago. And now, anytime we can get together alone, we pretty much go at it. However, now this "straight" guy is kissing me, blowing me, and takes it up the ass just as much as I do. We still have girlfriends, and still love fucking them. But nothing is hotter than the fuck buddy I found through a text message dick flash.

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  • A certain kind of CMNM experience

    This experience was originally posted by Bill Williams to another group. It was subsequently distributed on the Thorngay Yahoo group mailiing list on January 27, 2008. It represents one boy's sexual development (into manhood) that is heavily centered about being exposed to other males, particularly in situations of helplessness (an important sub-theme for some CMNM enthusiasts NOTE: the photos were added (by this author: sunbunz - since Bill did not (and could NOT (LOL) provide his own).

    [From thorngay Y! Group]

           There were enough [good] responses to my first email and the brief summation of some of the things I did to myself as a teen that I will now post my "Boy Scout Story"  [supposedly all true. ]

          I first realized I was an exhibitionist at a very early age, even tho I did not know what the word meant. I started out running out the back door and around a tree in the back yard in 
    [ The photo on the left is one of this blog's author]. just my underpants. I don't know if it was the exhibitionist in me coming out, or if it just felt good running around like that, or just because it was "naughty". ??

     Of course, I progressed to doing the same thing completely naked, and I really liked doing

    that; something more daring?  I would sneak into my sister's room once in awhile, when nobody was home, and would put on some of her underpants and walk around the house that way. 
    I even swiped a diaper off the neighbor's clothesline and would put that on, sometimes walking outside wearing just the diaper. Pretty soon tho, that became "old stuff", and I wanted to do something else, something more daring!

    When I got a little older I was allowed to ride my bike away from my house, as long as I stayed within a mile or 2, even in the early evening.
    There was a forest preserve about a mile from my house, that had a river running through it. During the day, there was hardly anyone in the park, just 1 or 2 people fishing sometimes. I would ride over there, go behind some bushes and take off my pants and underpants, and ride along the path wearing just a long T shirt. That was really neat, especially when I would meet someone on the path and have to really be careful not to stand up and show that I didn't have anything on under my T shirt. I had some really close calls, but that just made it more fun.
    I progressed to riding my bike home like that, especially in the early evening. Sometimes, just as it was getting dark and just as a car was passing me, I would stand up, baring my butt just as the car passed me. That, too, soon got to be old stuff. Then I got the idea that it would be really neat if someone would see me totally naked. 

    I guess that is when I progressed from being a little nudist to a full fledged exhibitionist. I would go near the end of the woods near the highway, take off all my clothes and walk along a path, jumping into the bushes if I though I heard someone coming. (Never saw anyone, tho). Then I would turn back, go right to the edge of the trees and when I saw a
    bunch of cars coming, I would run across the clearing, stark naked, until I was sure they saw me, then back in to the woods, get my clothes, get dressed, and go home.


    One day I saw a school bus with a bunch of kids going to camp or something, and when I was in the middle of the clearing, totally naked, I heard them shouting and laughing, and I knew a whole bus load of kids had seen me naked. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night.That' s when it really started to get interesting. And I evolved into the "liking to be laughed at and humiliated" state of my life.
    There was a Boy Scout Camp in the forest preserve, pretty far back in. One day, I was riding my bike along a path, (completely dressed for a change), when I ran into, (almost literally), a group of them hiking along the path. They were all a little older than me. An idea began forming in the back of my head. I went back the next day, and sure enough, the scouts came along at almost the same time. I scouted (no pun intended), along the path and found a clearing that had a bunch of tall trees, some with low hanging branches, about 6 feet off the ground. I went back the next day, almost 2
    hours earlier. 
    I had a 2 "choker" dog collars that were chains with rings at either end. You would slip the chain through one of the rings and form a loop that was supposed to go over the dog's head, and when he pulled on the leash too much, the chain would kinda choke him, making him slack off. Well, if you put on hand through the loop and then made another loop at the other end and put your other hand through, your hands were pretty effectively "chained" together. If you had the right size chain, it could be really difficult to get it off, especially if your hands were chained behind your back.
    Anyhow, I got to the clearing and found a tree that had branches low enough that I could jump up, grab it and start climbing. I took all my clothes off. I put my socks in my shoes and tied them together, and threw them up into the tree. They caught on a branch about 12 feet up. I tied my jeans in a knot and wrapped them around a rock and then threw them as high as I could. They caught on a branch almost 20 feet up. Then I did the same with my T shirt. It wound up just above my shoes. 
    My underpants were next. I wrapped them around a rock and threw them as high as I could. They caught on a branch just above my jeans.? I was now totally naked with all my clothes up in a tree. ?? I had given a lot of thought as to how I would chain myself, so as to give myself maximum "exposure".
    If I just chained my hands behind my back, I could bend over or

    kneel down and keep myself covered, and of course, that would not do. I wanted to be fully exposed when the scouts came by. So I decided I would chain myself to another tree. I also figured out that if I just wrapped my arms around the tree, only my bare bottom would be exposed. 

    So I figured out that if I got on my hands and knees, backed up to the tree and fastened my ankles together around the tree, then leaned back and chained my wrists behind me and around the tree, I would be a kneeling position and fully exposed , with no hope of covering any part of me. So I backed up to the tree. When the first of them came into the clearing, he just stopped and stared at me. Then the others saw me and they all came over and just stood around looking at me. 

    I told them some guys had caught me riding my bike and

    pantsed me, and then threw all my clothes in the tree. All this time they just stood there and looked at me, most of them smiling and snickering. I also noticed that a couple of them were getting woodies, seeing me naked and chained like that. And being the only one there that was naked and chained to a tree with a bunch of older boys staring at me was getting me excited too, and my dick started to get hard too. They finally got me loose, and when I started to stand up I kinda stumbled from being chained up like that for so long, and 2 of them grabbed my arms to help hold me up.


    Wow! Two older guys, fully clothed and me naked, holding me up. (one of them had his hand on my bottom) With 12 other guys looking at me. By this time I had a full hard on. Just couldn't help it. I was so excited. The best was yet to come. Nobody offered to get my clothes out of the tree, so that meant I was going to have to climb the tree, totally naked, with all 14 boys watching me. I walked over to the tree, and turned around so that I was facing them. I jumped up and tried to grab the lowest limb, but I couldn't reach it. After trying a couple times, with my dick flopping up and down with each try, two of them came over and held their hands cupped together so I could stand on them and they could boost me up and grab the limb.


    I got a hold of it and hung there, fully stretched out soeverything was showing. Then I lifted my legs and hooked them over the limb, kinda spread out so that my asshole was in full view. I think I even tried to pucker it a little. After hanging like that a bit, I swung up and started climbing, making sure I stopped a little every time I was fully stretched out or spread out. I also had to scoot along some of the limbs, dragging my balls and bottom along the rough bark. I sure couldn't get dressed up in the tree, so  as I reached each article of clothing, I dropped them on the ground.


    When everything was on the ground, (I was at the highest point
    in the tree), I started to (slowly) work my way down, again stopping every so often and spreading my legs. I finally got down to the last limb and swung down, again holding on and hanging there as long as I could. When I dropped down, I "stumbled" and fell over backwards with my legs going up over my head. Then I got up and started getting dressed. And not one of them took his eyes off me until I finally pulled up my pants.

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    Spanking is an erotic activity  - not only as sexual gratification - but for the part it plays in discipline (father-son, coach - athlete, officer-soldier), in individual and group man-to-man communication, in a dominant/submissive relationship, being subjected to a older male's authority, as a form of male bonding (frats, sports team, hazing / initiation for male groups)  are situations I find increasingly erotically stimulating.


    For me, it combines several important gay male themes into one activity:  older-younger,  CMNM(clothed male / naked male),  submission / dominance, but without being focused on simply causing pain. While spanking can be pain-causing, it is normally not ever serious or permanently damaging. So it doesn't go as far as being real bondage or BDSM, which is scary for some guys.  It also can be a social or group event, occurring outside and in public, so it, therefore, has elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism, which also make it appealing.Spanking is turn-on for many guys - who don't realize it's part of the CMNM scene. There are no pictures on the site linked below, but there are lot of stories and also the chance for you to submit some stories of your own.  There is also a new Male Spanking Forum so you can get in touch with other guys who are into it, too.


    Whether you are looking for stories about over-the-knee spankings for naughty boys, the sting of the slipper on a deserving bare bottom, family discipline with paddle and belt, kids and teens playing fun CP forfeit games, the cane or birch administered strictly at school, college hazing, adult BDSM relationships, the whip and strap wielded mercilessly in military punishments or judicial discipline, poetry, magical or historical tales, or unusual CP implements such as a machine, martinet or sjambok, these search links will allow you to specify and find exactly what you want to read about!

     [Experts above directly from the MMSA site]

    Welcome to the New MMSA!   http://www.malespank.net/

    This is the new home of the Male-Male Spanking Archive. The reasons for this new URL and the history of this archive are explained in the MMSA FAQ page, linked above. There you will find policy statements from the site owners on the existing archive content we inherited and on new submissions to it.

    New to this site, however, is a moderated forum, also linked above, where authors and readers can mingle and have fun discussing the stories, writing generally, CP related issues (other than the pros and cons of real life corporal punishment of children) and give feedback on the archive itself. Please join in there!

    ---------- The above photos were forwarded in a group message ----------

                 From: Rom on the [CMNM] Google group.

    It seems that the guy doing the spanking is getting more of a kick of out doing the the deed than the guy is who is receiving the blows. His erection is about to pop out of his boxers. We'll have a bit of spanking at this weekend's CMNM events.



    For more options, visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/cmnm?hl=en.



    Here are a few links I have found for sites that include photos or stories of male-male spanking:
















    Forwarded by Rom, a member of the Google group: CMNM Spanking has many inter-relationship, social and psychological implications, but I wonder how many guys have craved to be the spanker or the spankee? What are you experiences being spanked (or giving them) for discipline or for initiation (ritualistic) or for sexual pleasure? Do you think there is a connection between being the naked guy and being the one spanked. It's probably logical..but I for one, want to be the naked guys who spanking the clothed men (boys) who have misbehaved or who have not lived up to my expectations (grin).



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    On a recent Dudesnude.com discussion forum, there was a question asked:

    Did you ever have Sex with a real porn star? How was it?


    I personally did, two different guys. But I didn't see much difference other than I wad way more

    nervous than normal, cause both of them are so hot!

    So how was your experience?






    01 Oct 2011, 09:31

    I love how no one is mentioning the names lol. Confidentiality? :P


    While I didn't mention any names on the Dudesnude.com site, I will show the photos of a few of porn stars that I have communicated with (Either in chat, via a blog comment, on Twitter or by other means). None of these communications has been live or in person (like via a telephone). There are a couple more, but they have quit working longer ago, and I have had no further contact with them, and don't even know how to get in contact. One of them, a young twink guy who called himself Trox , got semi-famous posting sex videos of himself using a dildo on Youtube (and other sites). Later he worked briefly with porn star Brent Everett's studio, but probably quit the porn job to start college. He should have finished by now, so he may reappear suddenly.



    Note: The first guy on the far left is also famous for his 'pissing boys' videos, who once made a porn film with one of the other, who is even more famous for his water sports action films.









    (The photo above of the guy next to the river is this blog's author.)


    Follow up: sunbuns99


    01 Oct 2011, 12:50

    Let me re-emphasize one of my points above.

    They _ARE NOT_ so stuck on themselves (as one may think) is what I had meant to write. However, it's true that they didn't make it to near the top of the gay porn industry by being sweet and docile either. They can be cocky, sometimes even arrogant, but then they do get fucked in the ass in most of their films.

    I guess I have an automatic affinity for those ex-porn stars who frequently (or exclusively) played popular bottoms. Those are the ones who are likely to get the bum rap or who can't adopt a new 'role' (by buffing up with muscle training and steroids) to play a BDSM top or a daddy bear when they start to get older, or reach the big 30 or 40 (and older).

    So my (oversensitive, almost female) brain gets all mushy over these poor sweet-butt hotties, who are getting a bit too old to play twinks, have a new hubby who wants him to quit porn, or who finally have developed aspirations to do some more challenging and creative with their lives - not that I am decrying their porn careers in the least.



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