• When guys' butt and ass cracks are showing it true that the sight is hot or 'cool' -but - at the same


    time -- I always just have to believe they are doing so completely innocently that is kind of mindless, without consciousness and so it NOT exact sexy. Because for me, just showing some butt or your crack is something you're likely to see on almost anybody - toddlers, school children, overweight people reaching up or bending over at Walmart, old people, athletes in action or just warming up, as somebody climb into a busy and just about everywhere and while people are doing most anything.

     There are times and cases when this is NOT true so it's when we can accidentally see up the front of


    guys who typically are wearing baggy pants/shorts (and may also be freeballing (going commando) is when I sit up and take notice and get turned on. Women are obviously NOT going to find it easy to accidentally flash their twats - unless they sort of make a bigger and more obvious show of spreading their skirts .. anyway, by all appearances and by most everybody's admission, women don't see to be as visually stimulated or find looking at body parts as erotic as men do -- not to be too sexist.



     Back to the idea and actual experience of seeing up a guy' s short.... However, when you can see a guy's cock clearly outlined -- the head, corona ridge and all - you just got to know HE knows what's showing and he doesn't give a damn or more likely, he's happy to give others (perhaps especially other guys) a peek at his goodies.

    Likewise seeing a guy's cock from a view up the leg his baggy shorts, somehow just really gets me excited to the core -- because I just KNOW he can't really be that naive and innocent about it. I mean - he decided what to wear and what NOT to wear --

     I'm all for freeballing -- obviously but I know that my eyes zero in on a live target and his floppy cock or sweaty balls are a hell of a lot more appealing than a hairy butt crack (no offense to those who are and to those who do like to show crack). But this is freeballing -- after all. It's what up front that counts -- or should I is what 'cunts'.

    P.S. I know that most of these types of photo are just 'posed' but there are times when you get a look up some buddy or total stranger's shorts. When I was a teen, my
    day had a young college age guy who worked for him on subcontractor
     jobs (painting, building on house additions, etc). He wore cut-off jeans a lot and was really handsome and also took a friendly interest in me (although I was much younger -- I guess he wanted his boss (my dad) to think he was a nice guy but he could have been so friendly for 'other' reasons - that he was always in my day-dreams and later by fantasies -after the time I saw him up on a ladder with his tight bubble butt and hairy legs. Believe you me.. I was hanging around at my dad's job whenever I got the chance (which was not much because I was in school). The guy in this first pic definitely seems to be authentic and his freeballing seems totally innocent or at least he doesn't seem to be aware that his uncut meat is exposed.

     Does anybody else find this type (above) of 'realistic photo' of a real person appealing? I won't say that it is ONLY sexually appealing because it really is NOT just that. In the second photo below the guy (in red shorts) is really hot, but the pic seems totally contrived. It is probably an early pic in a series where this guy eventually does a solo jerk off - that really doesn't do much for me.

    Maybe I am getting jaded in my 'old age' and maybe the lost innocence on the first guy's face (and dick) just remind me of what I once had ... I am NOT talking about foreskin.-- but that sense of being innocent and exploring the mystery of your burgeoning feels and maybe your bulging shorts when you think about someone (or somethings... ) and then losing one's innocence, and also the joys and stumbling in learning to know yourself like most all of us went through (mostly in our adolescence -- where it concerned our sexually maturity and the changes in physical body and attraction to other people (str8, gay or bi - as the case may be).



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  • Whenever a group of people are enjoying a swim at a beach or swimming pool, there is a certain hesitation about nudity - often people are afraid of being the first ones to shed their clothes. It takes some guts to be the first one to get rid of the swimwear and see whether the others will follow suit.

    In my experience, most often there will be other people who have been eager to do the same, so that almost immediately, you are surrounded by three or four other guys who are equally naked. But I have also had the other outcome: that I end up being the only naked guy in the whole group.


    The first time that happened, it made me feel uncomfortable. But then I realized that it was worth the try anyway - and that being the only naked one also has its charms. I feel so much more naked when I'm the only naked guy, and this nakedness is a turn-on for me.

    So nowadays, when I'm with a group of people where not everybody know each other, I still tend to be the first one to undress. It is still interesting to see how they will react, but I end up being happy both when my friends throw off all their clothes and when they decide to keep them on... (And it also turns out that there are often someone in the group who are quite happy to see me naked and who are more than willing to undress as soon as they get alone with me...) So my advice is clear: don't hesitate. Nothing bad ever came out of nudity.

      In England and elsewhere in Europe, it is totally natural and happens so often, it's 'hard' to keep track of. In America, the story is very different. In most of the US (except the right and left coasts), public nudity of any sort - whether rather innocent or flagrant -- is treated as a misdemeanor - a violation of civic laws. 

    In England and elsewhere in Europe, it is totally natural and

    happens so often, it's 'hard' to keep track of. In America, the story is very different. In most of the US (except the right and left coasts), public nudity of any sort - whether rather innocent or flagrant -- is treated as a misdemeanor - a violation of civic laws.

    Damn, that puritan ethic (smile). But then again, absence of permission.  By simply overlooking the obvious,  it sometimes makes the 'act' all that more exciting - I suppose. In Japan, where I spend most of my time currently, this kind of things happens as well. However, the main difference is the guys do try to conceal their privates while changing. Buttocks are not considered 'private' parts of the anatomy - especially for males. 

    Well, it's not OK to exposed your butt in publicly walking down the street, but a little harmless arse-flashing happens amazing regularly on beaches, sports fields, parks, and in other public areas when the necessity of changing in public calls for it. I wrote a lot about one such experience of watching a group of Japanese twinks who regularly meet to play frisbee soccer in a previous post here and elsewhere. 

    Atitlan (David; admin for YMNA, a Google Goup) wrote this short comment to accompany the above candid pics:

    This looks like Brighton beach to me - lads down from London for the day. It is the sort of thing that happens at the British seaside. I remember as an impressionable 14 year-old glancing up from a book I was reading on the beach, to notice something that stayed in the memory. A lad a few feet away from me, a couple of years older, was trying to remove his swimsuit under his towel, only for the towel to drop and reveal a horizontal erection. His look was one of shock, mine must have been of admiration.


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    Private CMNM Parties - Where are they happening?


    I have become aware that there do exist private CMNM groups where clothed men arrange for a naked couple or trio of men to engage in sex in a private home while they watch. It's happening now in a couple of major world cities. I recently was contacted by a person who was to 'perform', and he related how this came about and his own anxiety about doing such an exhibitionistic performance in front of other men.


    I promised my informant that I would not go into any details publicly about that specific situation. But it certainly highlights the fact that CMNM (Clothed male / Naked Male) scenes and homoerotic experiences are certainly about to come-of-age. If there are any other men groups that are currently operating as either CMNM or exhibitionist-voyeur groups with regular or irregular events, we'd all be delighted if you'd shared some information about them (no specific contact names, location, or photos are required). I think it would be an inspiration to the thousands of readers of this blog.
    Please contact me via a message or comment if you have something you can contribute.

    via guysn2cmnm.blogspot.com


    Fxcking in Public or at least in front of an (appreciative) audience

    I recently heard from one of blog readers (Guys Into CMNM) about a 'secret' society in London where certain guys are invited to perform sex (in pairs or threesomes) for the viewing pleasure of other couples or small groups of onlookers.

    None of the viewers are allowed to remove their clothing or touch the 'performers'. The sexual performers are typically meeting and having sex for a audience for the very first time. It is hardly what I would call 'public' sex since the whole thing occurs behind locked doors in a private residence for consenting adults. However, he reported that doing it (just this past Monday, Oct 11) was the thrill of a lifetime. Ha ha. He's been asked to do so again in 3-some in 2-3 weeks from now.

    So.. do exhibitionist-voyeur events happen in Zurich, London, Canberra, and Chicago. Probably the answer is Yes. I guess they very well might be happening in a lot of places.
    Anybody want to help me organize such a private sex show for a few 'good' men in Tokyo, London, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Berlin? Smaller cities might work too. These in a sense are more like actual CMNM (clothed male / naked male) events, but in a special category: private sex performance.
    Does anyone else want to confess to their own cities doing something similar? Have you been invited or participated as 'performer' or viewer (voyeur). Let me let you tell your story.
    Posts are welcome for including in our CMNM blog: http://guysn2cmnm.blogspot.com
    Any invitation to participate will also be accepted (lol) or forwarded for broadcast on our Guys Into CMNM social networks.

    Kelly (editor-in-chief)


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    [One of my new gay (online) friends asked me where he can post nude photos of himself so that only I and his other gay friends can view them. Here is my lengthy reply. ]

    One thing you may not know is that: IT ONLY MATTERS WHERE YOUR 

    NUDE PICS ARE HOSTED. Japan does not block outside sites (at least most ISP companies in Japan do not). Your blog is hosted on Blogger so the photos were not kept in Japan but were stored on Google's own web servers in the U.S.

    It is not a crime to post naked photos of yourself that do violate international legal standards when the photos are not physically stored on Japanese host web servers.

    Privacy versus SITE Privacy

    Your 'Out There' blog was not private at all; however, it was also not really possible to find it without seeing the URL in some profile of yours.
    Blogger does not password protect blogs but you can make them for 'members only'.
    However, you can make it completely private and only allow specific people to view it by sending them an invitation by email.

    There may be other blog sites such as LiveJournal, Wordpress and Typepad (or others) where you can set up a password protection for members only.

    There are plenty of gay sites where a viewer would first have to become a

    member (usually free) before he can actually see your profile or any pics on it. I have shown some examples of such sites below: such as Dudesnude or Manjam or GayWatch or Gay.com EMAIL: One thing that I do is to have completely SEPARATE email accounts for my married, straight father / professor self, and another completely set of email accounts for my 'gay' self.

    I think you're mixing up the two of them - which is perfectly for today's young people. We, who are older and part of an established institution, would not be so happy to have our 'gay' identities shown to everyone.

    So I suggest you to make a 'gay/bisexual-only' email account and to use it solely when sending email and logging on to gay sites.

    Also, there is a benefit of using email which is already part of a securely encrypted mail server: NOTE* the URL for a site: https://
    Google email uses such a system. The 'extra' s after  the http indicates that a site is securely encrypted.


    My Blogger blogs (Google):

    I can also make you a contributor (member) of one of my blogs so that you can upload photos or write message/texts.

    It will probably be best if you used a different email address that the one you 

    are using for your work, family, and 'straight' friends.

    Tell me what email address is. It's probably not good to use the one we are communicating with now but it displays your full name. 

    0) Of course, you can post naked photos of yourself on JustUsBoys.com, but (as far as I can see) 'free' members cannot limit who can actually view them. Click the link to see my profile on JUB:  


    In fact, most members (free or paid) may not know that they can have a blog, a profile, and a gallery of up to about 200 photos (at least - it may be larger now),  belong to or create groups. 
    Click the JUB link above to see my profile, blog and gallery. 

    1) There are quite a few places where you can upload nude photos.

    Probably the best place is Flickr 
    It is easy to use and you can set the privacy for your photos - at four different levels for EACH photo: public (anyone can see), friends only, family one, friends and family, and completely private.

    You have to create a Yahoo account. Formerly, you could only upload  200

    photos,  but I believe that restriction has now been lifted. You designate in Flickr WHO can view each (or a batch) of photos.  So you can naked photos of yourself and allow only friends or family (meaning a close set of acquaintances).   That's a lot of naked pics. 

    I can send you an invitation to see some of my naked photos on Flickr: It will come from one of my several Yahoo accounts: hardtwoholed

    Here is my Flickr account: 

    YOU CANNOT see much of anything until you sign up for Flickr (and Yahoo), and also change your SETTINGS so that you can look at sexual content.

    Here is another Flickr account: 


    (There are no naked ones of me in there that are currently visible UNLESS

    you are my friend in Flickr. ) So the account is considered 'safe' by Flickr (owned by Yahoo). If your post a nude photo of yourself publicly, then Flickr will warn you and also will make your account labeled as 'unsafe.' Unsafe accounts cannot be viewed by just anyone - so that also helps protect your identity.

    Actually, I have at least 5 Flickr accounts since I can only save 200 photos (at least it was that was for a long, long time). I sometimes need more for other types of photos.

    2) Goggle also has a similar site: Picasa (Google

    Photos for saving and sharing photos).
    The photos you uploaded into your 'Out here' blog were uploaded also into a folder in the same Blogger account - but since you may have deleted it completely they might not be there anymore.
    You can make each folder public or private. You can send invitations to people (like me) who will be able to view you private pics (but no one else can).

    3). Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows  you to post sexual content, which means that is a fertile territory for showing your own (or other's) nude photos. Sadly, the policy on posting nudes has shifted back and forth several times over the years, so most of my  former Tumblr blogs have been deleted.    Add http://  .tumblr.com to the following the make the URL link for my Tumblr porn blogs:

      • Tumblr Blogs  (See the the complete list of current Tumblr blogs further down)


    4) Inside some sites, you can upload some private photos and then only your 'friends' can view them.

    There are both gay and non-sexual sites .. such as

    5.  Facebook changed it's privacy policy about nude photos, etc, a few years ago. 
    Now it's possible to upload photos that can only be seen by the specific people you allow. However, at this point, I do not trust Facebook to keep its word about this policy.

    So far, I have not uploaded any naked photos of myself in Facebook.

    But I really enjoy using it to stay in touch.
    (of course, I also have another Facebook account for my 'real self' - the married college professor father)

    Here is a Facebook page for Guys Into CMNM (clothed male naked male):

        You can only see if you are currently logged in to Facebook. 

    6.  Over-blog is another blogging site (based in Europe) that allows postings of self-nudes and other sexual content. I've created several Over-Blog

     7. There are  a few other gay sites and also quite a few iPhone applications where you can create a profile and have public and private pictures. 



    You can see all my PUBLIC photos but not the ones I have made 'private.' There is a password that is needed in order to view

    those. There is a limit (about 25 I think) to the total number of photos you can upload on your DN (dudesnude) profile.You can choose whether or not to allow this profile to be published or not, and which photos will be private or public. There are ten of thousands of members of Dudesnude.com from all over the world. So it's popular with the gay population.

    Manjam is another similar site:


    (You can't see all the photos until you log in).

    iPhone Apps 

     Here are a few iPhone Apps where you can post a profile and include

    (optional) nude photos of yourself:


    Dudenude (It is not an iPhone app but you can view the site on your iPhone browser, as well as Adam4Adam and Manhunt above.)

    OK.. that was MUCH more information that you probably needed or wanted  to know.

    Let me know your other (or bisexual/gay) 'email' address, then I can send

    you some invitations to view my hidden sites or photos. 


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  • Part I - Cruising public toilets in Tokyo's train stations.

    I went out shopping yesterday afternoon -- as horny as hell. I had the intention of dropping by the gay sauna after hitting some electronics store, but then decided to stop in at the 'friendly' men's room on the basement (B1) floor of the largest train station. I went to the men's WC inside the ticket gate -

    since there are multiple train and subway platforms in the station and that necessitates having several public restrooms. But there is also one outside the ticket guichet, among the various subterranean shops sprawling out under the city's largest transportation hub.

    The first one was pretty much quiet with no apparent action. So I went out through the wicket and out in the underground mall and proceeded to the next public restroom for men.

    Wow! It was crowded and hopping with guys, several of whom looked 
    like their crotches were glued to the urinals, and their heads were turning, trying to get a look at either the next guy's dick or they were craning their heads to get a

    glimpse of cock further along the row of about 15-18 urinals. Just to my right, there were about 6 more guys standing at the pissoires (in this case, individual white ceramic urinals). I could tell there were several of them on the prowl.

    These really look like almost any public restrooms in Japan except that about a millon people come through the station every weekday and a portion of them stop by these restrooms - not always just to piss or take a dump. Even in Shinjuku station in broad daylight, I've seen guys reach over and grab another's cock. I have to say that such behavior is not normal but is happening because it's pretty obvious why the several guys are hanging out a lot longer in the public toilet than to just take a piss.Nowadays, there are security guards (men and women) who patrol the corridors and public restrooms. There is a sign posted (in Japanese) to notify people that there are security patrols and that 'inappropriate' or suspicious behavior should be reported to the station staff.
    Nevertheless, the cruising goes on relentlessly.

    Leungtony's Videos. This video (not mine) is brief and not too detailed or explicit, but gives you a clue to what the situation at a public train station toilet looks like.

    I waited a few minutes, getting excited by the prospects of these guys being horny and looking to
    hook-up or at least get a few strokes off in a public place. After a bit, the urinals around me emptied and I saw a guy about 35-ish, standing back a bit from the pisser, exposing what was a fairly hefty piece of erect meat with a beautiful mushroom head on it. I looked up at his face and got a knowing smirk. He could tell I liked what I was seeing and so.. I pulled back a bit and let him get a gander of my sausage pole. He was ready to go for it and he started stroking himself more, all the while gazing around to see who was (or wasn't) looking at us.Some guys are turned on so much by the flagrant exhibitionist pleasure of masturbating and exposing their cocks on public that they can ejaculate pre-maturely.... well... at least before any real pleasure can be had from his hanging wiener by the bevy of onlookers. This guy was definitely a show-off. He basked in the delight that his hard straight dick was causing me and at least two guys behind us were getting from this little parade of cocks.

    That's when he made his move. He partially zipped up and then sidled over a couple of urinals to stand next to mine. I looked down with even greater approval in my eyes and licked my lips provocatively to honor his now-even-greater extended mancock muscle. I looked around now overly anxious or worried, but still not wanting to be arrested for lewd behavior as a visitor in a strange country - not my own. (Or maybe that's why I was cruising public toilets for sex.. if I am totally straight - NO - I mean honest (:>;).

    He looked around too.. as if daring anyone to attempt to stop him. He pulled closed to me and reached out to put his hand down the front of my body in order to grab my throbbing boner. But sadly, it was not to be. Just then, a crowd of disinterested or unaware male commuters rushes to the toilet and takes up pissing stances at the urinals surrounding us. It wasn't going to be easy to get a blowjob or a handjob in this Friday afternoon pedestrian traffic. So I decided I'd take my dick and look for a more secure and safer place to 'park' it by going to the gay baths for the rest of the afternoon.

    While I zipped up my full erect cock, nothing much could hide its distended state for
    engorgement. The guy who had almost accosted me and grabbed my exposed dick, looking only partly disappointed - for he has spied another possible victim behind us on at a urinal on the side wall. Had we had more time and inclination, I would have led the little teaser into one of the restroom stalls lined up directly opposite us, but then again, we might have made too much noise once he started going at full-on male-for-male sex in the tiny toilet stall. That would have surely
    have caused a security guard who make regular patrols into the restrooms to become suspicious.

    I have done that and it's easier if you go to the pay toilets in the different part of the station or if you lead your prey or partner in perverted public sex to a men's room instead one of the department stores that surround the train station. But today that was not to be.

    I spent 4 hours at the gay baths (24 Kaikan) getting sucked and fucking ass, and also watching a lot of guys doing that too. But still I got my hardest erection thinking about what had almost happened in that public restroom in one of the world's busiest train stations just a little while before.

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