• Playing in Playa del Ingles: Gay Gran Canaria

    I had been six times before and went again to the island of Gran Canaria in Spain's Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco in May of this past year.  I have written about it before, but the topic came up again on one of the gay travel-related discussion boards (actually Dudesnude dot com).

     Gran Canaria is a fairly nice gay travel destination - there are excellent points but also some negative aspects.

              This entry is mainly about the sex clubs and the dunes.
    In the Yumbo Centre (the largest shopping and commercial complex in Playa del Ingles on the southern and resort/beach side of the islannd, there are a couple (or more) sex club/backroom bars on the ground (basement floor) - they don't even open to 10 or later. You check your clothes at the door and there is not a dry (cum free) body by the end of the night (4 am?)

    However, I have heard that the Yumbo Centre is going to be renovated sometime this year. Someone on this site told me many months ago so I'll have to look him up since he was due to travel there in Nov/Dec. It may be closed when you (or I) want to go there.

    The above bars/clubs should not be confused with Basement Studios [url]www.basementstudios.es[/url]
    which is a gay hotel just across from the Yumbo that requires a dress code for staying guests (different 'costumes' each day - all nude, jeans, leather etc,) and the rooms are all opened at certain time for those willing guests to freely roam about and suck/fuck like rabbits (I think that you can also pay to enter as as temporary visitor to enjoy the sex fun). See the site for details. I choose to stay somewhere cheaper (see alpharooms.com for ideas). I'd be exhausted in no time from diving in the morning, sex in the dunes in the afternoon and wide abandon both all evening and all night (LOL).

    Of course, the dunes will NOT be undergoing renovation - except just what nature provides (wind/sun/blowing sand) and with nature taking its course (so to speak) - it's very cruisy - almost non-stop in the dunes. It is truly a nudist paradise - but it depends on what (and who) you expect to see walking the streets of heaven.

    You should realize that - at least during the winter - Gran Canaria is the temporary home for thousands of retiree couples and also gay couples of all ages (who just want to get away from the snowy colder Northern European climes. There is a lot of camaraderie but typically couples are just hanging out and meeting their 'old' friends whom they met over several wintertime visits to Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas.

    Nevertheless, there are hundreds of male (and sometimes female) nudists out sunning and also cruising the famous Maspalomas Dunes from morning to sunset. However, beggars can't be choosers - I'd have to say that the average age is at least 45 (probably older - more like 55 some days) but .. what the hey... who am I to turn done the advances of some middle-aged hottie. I am well into middle age myself. The clubs are different they attract a more virile and younger clientele.

    The Canaries are NOT only about wild sex.. there is historical, cultural and natural environment that has a lot to offer - in fact, I go there as much for the diving and hiking and marine sports as for the gayness of its this varied resort attractions - it IS part of Spain after all.

    I heard immediately (private message) from the DN member whom I spoke of in the post above. Good news - at least for those traveling to GC this winter/spring. He was there in Dec and has visited it many, many times.

    "Hi, this is the guy that told you about The Yumbo Centre getting renovated. The Good news is that it is but won't be shutting down because of it. Nothing is going to get going till later on this year, so its free to party party party just like before."

    I've never been to it [URL="http://www/basementstudios.es/web/"]The Basement Complex[/URL] - but here is the web site:   basementstudios.es/web/

    I'll be in Playa del Igles from March 11-17, so I might check it out if the weather outdoors turns cloudy.

    For some reason (not really strange), St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big affair in Playa del Ingles (Gran Canaria) -- probably because there are so many expats or visitors from Ireland (or with Irish origin).

    A word of advice from HardfXXX, another discussion participant:

     I didn't mention that I was actually in The Basement. They are open to Visitors everyday but they have a very strict dress code of Nude, leather etc...they don't allow guys to wear speedos, shorts,  boardies etc ... sex goes on everywhere.

     It up to you if you want to rubber up. I have seen guys being barebacked by numerous guys. I saw a fisting session, piss sessions,  you name it, it all goes on. You really need to have an open mind going in. I wasn't shocked but have to say, it is sex 24/7 so if you stayed there, I reckon you would need another holiday when you leave. The Basement is a great place .. Guys go go go...They also have a sex party of a Wednesday afternoon til late into the night.. that's a fucking horny one, I tell you...Happy Holidays...

    What seemed to be all too common (at least at gay sex clubs/backroom bars) on Gran Canaria (specifically at Yumbo) was the LACK of free condoms (or purchaseable ones).

    So... take you own supply if you want to ensure 'playing safe' - evidently, Playa del Ingles is a little too hedonistic or the word (or epidemic) has not reached the upper climes of Europe - most visitors there in March (I've been on or around St. Patrick's Day three different times) seemed to be just a bit too oblivious to the need to safe sex - strange since they come from such enlightened countries (Germany, Austria, Holland, Scandinavia, France, the UK and Ireland, etc.) The dunes of Maspalomas are somewhat a different 'territory' - everybody has to BYOE (bring you own everything) and guys are more likely to cruise between picnique 'lunches' than to be drinking heavily as they do on the bars. Less alcohol = safer sex practices.

    Reply from HardXXX:
               As for the condoms guys, its always a good idea to bring your own supply. Guys go around all the bars once or twice a week giving out free condoms and Lube to the bars for their customers. Unfortunately, some of the greedy guys get them all and leave none for others. Also, not sure if any of you are familiar with the kite symbol? its a little symbol on the back of Condoms saying that they have passed British standards, the condoms in GC don't carry this. Also, I have a fairly large cock and I find the condoms over there are too tight, they stop the blood flow and so i loose my hard-on. I bring Durex brand condoms, easy roll. they are great for getting on in the dark...lol.


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