• Recruiting Marines 1941 - a memorable CMNM photo


    Here is an  oddly erotic 'real' CMNM scene - the pic and situation are described the poster and commented upon by atitlan, founder of the Yahoo / Google groups:  YMNA, ymna2

    So glad the Painted Ons of Yesteryear were well received. Went over to Shorpy's to play again yesterday afternoon, but didn't find much in the way of nude males, aside from this one in the World War ll album. Only one, but what a gem. I love the expression on the young guy making the "eye
    contact".And some of the comments are hilarious. One guy says "Trust the marines to make you strip naked to take an eye exam!"

     I used to belong to a group that specialized in vinatge "gay" pics - not specifically beefcake, but gay images from everyday life, including swimming, army and even drag themes. Real vintage stuff, way before the fifties. Not sure how I lost track of that one. Does anyone know if there's still a yahoogroup around like that.

     Atitlan, did you have to sign up at www.zavarot.com to be able to view the pics you post at ymna@? Sometimes the nude photos don't seem to be available to casual visitors. I don't understand Russian, but I gather there's some sort of membership category. Is it easy to sign up?

    REPLY: It's a splendid picture, isn't it? I've  seen it a few times before but never in such a large size and high resolution. It's curious that the military examiners did require the recruits to strip naked  and stay that way - usually they allowed  them to keep on their shorts. I wonder  if the crossed legs of the guy who's
    staring might be his unconscious way of  saying "I can't compare"?!

    I also wonder if you're referring to the Gay Historical Photos group that got  deleted several times by Yahoo before  finding its home on Google? If so, it's the one I mention quite often:

    I couldn't sign up to zavarot even if I  wanted to - my lack of Russian wouldn't
    enable me to. It seems that the pics with a sexual theme are available only
    to members. However it also seems that  zavarot have decided that nudist pics
    are not sexual in nature and can be viewed by anyone.


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