• Taking a piss while out in nature: Do you feel the urge?

    Original posted question on  Dudenude.com 11 May 2007, 12:28

    I don't know why but if I had my choice I'd piss outdoors all the time. When I'm at home and need to take a piss almost always walk out on the back deck or front porch and take a piss. Anyone else feel the same way?

    Reply from another member (in Australia)

    Yes I do all the time - I never go inside. We have a severe drought here in Australia - even down here in Tasmania (the little island at the bottom of Australia) we are on tank water and if it saves 15 litres of water per flush,  I am going to pee outside.

    My response to this discussion:


            I was talking about this the other day with a couple of younger men - who love camping and hiking and who said they always felt great taking a piss while out in nature and the wide open. We agreed that it was almost compelling to take a leak while in the great outdoors.  I think it's an ancestral male behavior - marking our territory like today's canines and our other four-footed brethren- perhaps dating from our primordial pre-human forms as earlier species (enough of that hypothesizing).

           It does feel good to take a piss outdoors - I try to do it at least once a day.   I think that when we are growing up - especially in societies where knowledge or view of bodily functions is suppressed (like puritanical America or some religiously-repressed nations (not to be named)), we don't get a much of a chance to see the hidden and darkly secretive 'word' of the penis/pissing/etc.. so those basic human body functions are shrouded in mystery and probably also get more sexual attachment than they would or should deserve.

      For me, pissing with my friends was a way to share a common sense of our gender  - boys being boys and baring all meant we could also afford to share other things - like our feelings and fears and joys and sometimes pleasures.

     It seems there is a resurgence of sexual fetishism for peeing, pissing, in today's more liberally minded youth - perhaps as a fundamental response to what happened after the first waves of the AIDS epidemic hit the US (and world).   I've heard that because of the need to 'protect' privacy and morals by upholding so-called 'family values', growing boys and girls are less likely to see nude humans bodies in natural setting (gyms, locker rooms, skinny dipping, etc) - the only way they see nakedness is the only associate it with sexual behavior - which is pandemic on the Internet.

     Hey to that guy in Australia. I have a idea that would be HOT! I'd be happy to try a recycling project to help Tasmania survive its current drought - sucking up your body-water and then letting someone do the same back (from me).

           Before you all, cry out 'Gross' - remember Dune (Frank Herbert' sci-fi novel series located on a distant desert planet which was almost completely without water (except collected water vapor).

    So the Fremen, the indigenous tribal natives wore body suits (stillsuits) that allowed them to collect and recycle (drink) their own purified urine and body perspiration.

       Actually, I venture to bet that many - if not most guys - have at some time in the lives - probably as maturing teens or pre-teen boys - tried tasting your own piss.



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