• Tearoom Cruising: Gay Hook-ups in Public in Japan, and elsewhere

    Part I - Cruising public toilets in Tokyo's train stations.

    I went out shopping yesterday afternoon -- as horny as hell. I had the intention of dropping by the gay sauna after hitting some electronics store, but then decided to stop in at the 'friendly' men's room on the basement (B1) floor of the largest train station. I went to the men's WC inside the ticket gate -

    since there are multiple train and subway platforms in the station and that necessitates having several public restrooms. But there is also one outside the ticket guichet, among the various subterranean shops sprawling out under the city's largest transportation hub.

    The first one was pretty much quiet with no apparent action. So I went out through the wicket and out in the underground mall and proceeded to the next public restroom for men.

    Wow! It was crowded and hopping with guys, several of whom looked 
    like their crotches were glued to the urinals, and their heads were turning, trying to get a look at either the next guy's dick or they were craning their heads to get a

    glimpse of cock further along the row of about 15-18 urinals. Just to my right, there were about 6 more guys standing at the pissoires (in this case, individual white ceramic urinals). I could tell there were several of them on the prowl.

    These really look like almost any public restrooms in Japan except that about a millon people come through the station every weekday and a portion of them stop by these restrooms - not always just to piss or take a dump. Even in Shinjuku station in broad daylight, I've seen guys reach over and grab another's cock. I have to say that such behavior is not normal but is happening because it's pretty obvious why the several guys are hanging out a lot longer in the public toilet than to just take a piss.Nowadays, there are security guards (men and women) who patrol the corridors and public restrooms. There is a sign posted (in Japanese) to notify people that there are security patrols and that 'inappropriate' or suspicious behavior should be reported to the station staff.
    Nevertheless, the cruising goes on relentlessly.

    Leungtony's Videos. This video (not mine) is brief and not too detailed or explicit, but gives you a clue to what the situation at a public train station toilet looks like.

    I waited a few minutes, getting excited by the prospects of these guys being horny and looking to
    hook-up or at least get a few strokes off in a public place. After a bit, the urinals around me emptied and I saw a guy about 35-ish, standing back a bit from the pisser, exposing what was a fairly hefty piece of erect meat with a beautiful mushroom head on it. I looked up at his face and got a knowing smirk. He could tell I liked what I was seeing and so.. I pulled back a bit and let him get a gander of my sausage pole. He was ready to go for it and he started stroking himself more, all the while gazing around to see who was (or wasn't) looking at us.Some guys are turned on so much by the flagrant exhibitionist pleasure of masturbating and exposing their cocks on public that they can ejaculate pre-maturely.... well... at least before any real pleasure can be had from his hanging wiener by the bevy of onlookers. This guy was definitely a show-off. He basked in the delight that his hard straight dick was causing me and at least two guys behind us were getting from this little parade of cocks.

    That's when he made his move. He partially zipped up and then sidled over a couple of urinals to stand next to mine. I looked down with even greater approval in my eyes and licked my lips provocatively to honor his now-even-greater extended mancock muscle. I looked around now overly anxious or worried, but still not wanting to be arrested for lewd behavior as a visitor in a strange country - not my own. (Or maybe that's why I was cruising public toilets for sex.. if I am totally straight - NO - I mean honest (:>;).

    He looked around too.. as if daring anyone to attempt to stop him. He pulled closed to me and reached out to put his hand down the front of my body in order to grab my throbbing boner. But sadly, it was not to be. Just then, a crowd of disinterested or unaware male commuters rushes to the toilet and takes up pissing stances at the urinals surrounding us. It wasn't going to be easy to get a blowjob or a handjob in this Friday afternoon pedestrian traffic. So I decided I'd take my dick and look for a more secure and safer place to 'park' it by going to the gay baths for the rest of the afternoon.

    While I zipped up my full erect cock, nothing much could hide its distended state for
    engorgement. The guy who had almost accosted me and grabbed my exposed dick, looking only partly disappointed - for he has spied another possible victim behind us on at a urinal on the side wall. Had we had more time and inclination, I would have led the little teaser into one of the restroom stalls lined up directly opposite us, but then again, we might have made too much noise once he started going at full-on male-for-male sex in the tiny toilet stall. That would have surely
    have caused a security guard who make regular patrols into the restrooms to become suspicious.

    I have done that and it's easier if you go to the pay toilets in the different part of the station or if you lead your prey or partner in perverted public sex to a men's room instead one of the department stores that surround the train station. But today that was not to be.

    I spent 4 hours at the gay baths (24 Kaikan) getting sucked and fucking ass, and also watching a lot of guys doing that too. But still I got my hardest erection thinking about what had almost happened in that public restroom in one of the world's busiest train stations just a little while before.

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