• The urge to expose : the freeballer's dilemma

    See-thru freeballing:  Perv'd or Fashion Passion?

    Having spent the hottest part of the summer in the US mainland, I wasn't prepared for the excruciatingly torrid temps and scorching sun when I returned to Japan - and that was after it had 'cooled off'. Actually, the heat isn't the problem -- it's the humidity that makes it too muggy to wear underwear during the summers in Tokyo. 

    Weather and climate aside, I find that once I've been out the country, I get the urge to exhibit myself rather unobtrusively- sort of strut my stuff - so to speak by freeballing in mesh shorts, torn jeans, very tight and /or translucent board shorts, and even 'jinbei' ( a short summer casual men's kimono-like mesh garment). 

    I mentioned this before on this board - but the urge overcomes my good sense sometimes. So until the fall rains 




    and cooler weather rolls in, I tend to be about half naked whenever I'm outside (not at work obviously), and then I also spend many lazy late summer-like afternoons being naked outdoors - discretely sunbathing nude at the local river (a wide recreation area long both sides of a shallow but wide river in Tokyo). The area is frequented by cyclists, families and people walking their pets, but it seems I'm just far enough out of sight to be cause for alarm or simply believe cannot even imagine what they eyes would or should otherwise report: there a naked white guy over there. 

    It's probably worth exploring the WHY of why I do this. But I  think it has a great deal to do with three things: 1) it's an ultimate statement of freedom. Being an American who is living in a socialistic nation where individual wishes, rights and personal ambitions are so repressed by the strict edicts of Japanese social fabric means that I absolutely am constantly starved for personal liberty. 2) I am an extreme racial minority in this country. I don't just stick out like a sore thumb; I AM the SORE THUMB, penis, ass, and every other part of the body. (Sorry too much to explain in a blog post), and finally 3) I am gay living as suppressed and hidden life, pretending to be a completely straight, and upstanding non-citizen but one who has loved being close to nature - especially being naked in the sunshine, wind and sea - since he was a child. 



    You can see a photo of the location where I go nude or semi-nude sunbathing on my other Blogger blogs (below). The mesh shorts not ones I would wear on the street, (well, at least not in Japan - although I have done so at night in Hawaii), but my other 'see-thru' freeballing shorts are also pretty revealing). By the way, those are people in the background to the left of and below my elbow. 

    Someday I'm going to ask someone to take a photo of me from over there so that I can get a sense of what people could actually see. Of course, I have other photos that show nudity, but that's just TOO ludicrous to be exposing myself to you all on the Freeballing.com site (Tongue-in-cheeks - (mouth, not my sun-kissed butt, Ha Ha!) 

    I guess I have to be honest to stay that my cock swells a bit when I think (or know) that another guy is watching or even just glancing at my crotch. My 'former' target for such 'sightings' was a 25-ish blue collar worker who passed by me many mornings on the way to his work. Perhaps because of the economy, he no longer does. So I've taken a different tact and am now wearing an assortment of the above clothes to see which one draws more attention (i.e. straying eyes that shoot straight to my crotch), and also to see who seems to actually notice or who can't help himself from 'repeatedly' noticing. So far there aren't many onlookers; however, one guy seems to have realized that he's likely going to be tempted to look and he obviously thinks that's embarrassing. So if I see him coming now on his bicycle, I find that he manages to look the other way or to feign fidgeting with something in his basket (no, the one on the front of his bicycle) Smirk! 

    Pervert, am I. Probably, yes. But it's fun trying to mildly shock the Japanese men. I actually pay little attention to whether the women give me a glance or not. 

    So.. why is it that men are so 'visually' stimulated? I'm sure there is an evolutionary and also psycho-sexual explanation. But what the hell, it's fun being 'mean' (and Kermit used to say - Oh, that was 'green'). Well, it was probably Cookie Monster who thought that, anyway. 


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