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    Someone asked me about wearing a sarong. It's easier just to give you the link below on how to tie a sarong (there is a list of instructions at the both of the page).


    It sounds like a fun party you'll be attending - great idea too for the sarongs -- I'll go out clubbing on Dec 31 in Waikiki, then spend part of Jan 1 nude on Diamond Head Beach or at Sandy Beach (East Oahu) out passed Hawaii Kai. I'll be sure to wear mine or my Japanese yukata.

    Yeah, I love wearing my sarongs -- I have several one of which is a mesh-like, see-thru material. Here are some pics of me wearing it and  not quite wearing it  . They always give you an excellent 'innocent' opportunity to flash dick or buns. 

    I am standing on Red Road just 500 ft from Kehena Black Sands beach (nude beach). That's where I'll be on Christmas Day until New Year's Eve. I am nude on the beach and wear my mesh sarong walking back to the camping place (Kalani) -- can't wait. Before that I'm going to go hiking nude in the southern California. (between San Diego and Palm Springs).
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    Hey stud, do I ever envy you. I have some great memories my nude freedom from days gone ,especially at 16, but none like yours. It really is inspiring. I used to love the sun burning my skin, and the feel of a slight breeze on my balls and nipples. Damn, I wish I were there. 

    But I can't believe my luck; you're in the islands?!!!

    I have been invited to a New Year's eve party, and the host has insisted all us guys wear a sarong or pareo, and nothing else. No problem freeballing it, but don't have a clue as to how to put on a sarong. Can you give me any tips, or instructions? Would be very greatful. I have this image in my head, I'm in the buffet line, plate of food in one hand, glass of wine in the other, and suddenly a sarong down around my ankles.

    Yeah, have checked out other freeballing sites, they are ok but this one seems really insightful and helpful too.

    Please let me hear from you again sometime, not just for dressing lessons, but would enjoy tales from being bare-over-there....Leo
    ========================================= Toru Ueno wrote: 

    Hope you do get inspired and start getting your all over tan again -- then you'll join the sunbuns club (not actually a real one-- I just mean being a freeballing nudist).

    I love being naked whenever I can -- I was NOT allowed the privilege of doing so as you did as a teenager -- so I spend a lot of time doing so now.

    This week will go nude hiking in the Anza-Borrego State Park of California, then go nude camping and nude beaching on the Big Island of Hawaii, then will be nude on Oahu for a few more days.

    I love the freeballing site -- mainly because it is NOT much about sex (I am not against sex by any means) but freeballing.com about a free life style and I like how so many different guys freely intermingle and talk about things.
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    From: leo chat
    Hey stud, I have been poking around on the freeballing site and saw your name: sunbuns. Boy did it bring back memories.
    I grew up on a farm, 88 acres, all deserted. I used to roam those fields and play in the creeks. From the time I was 12 till I was 17, I did it nude. It was wonderful. I kept an all over tan , one day some one noticed and called me. I haven't heard that in 15 years. Living in a city now, no place to run around bare -assed outside is something I missed without realizing I did miss it. Anyway, seeing that name brought back such truly good memories, I had to drop you a line and tell you. Perhaps it will inspire me to do something about it. Thanks again for making my day, no my weekend...Leo
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